Swedish Riders

Letters, we get letters.... actually emails from time to time from various readers. Recently I received several photos from Carina and Ulf Nordemyr of Sweden with no messages or explanations other than subject lines stating the year the photo was taken. Here's 3 of the best.

Circa 1993. A nice big ULH Flathead like this will always get my attention.

Circa 1991-92

Circa 2011

NLA m/c

Valor Smith of the NLAMC back in the day. Thanks so much to the Smith family for sharing.

Saturday's Born-Free 4 Party

I've been out of town for several weeks but, made a point to get back just in time for last Saturday's Born free party at the Garage Co. in Inglewood Ca. It was supposed to feature the unveiling of both give away bikes but, the dresser's painted wasn't finished.

The Garage Company's facilities are huge and is actually two large adjoining buildings.

At times it was busier than this photo shows. It was estimated that about 500 people came and went.

This Twenty Something J Model was probably the oldest bike ridden to the event.

I'm always amused when two friends have similar bikes.

This 1959 Harley is being offered for sale by the Garage Co.

In a sea of chops and customs an old surviving dresser like this '68 will always get my attention.

Bikes were parked clear around the corner.

This clean Knuck features a somewhat unusual fender/seat set up. California recently enacted a new law cracking down on vertical license plate positioning. How come some guys get away with hanging their plates like this?

Where do all the Knuckleheads keep coming from?

The give away 69' Chopper. Once again Kiyo did an excellent job. The color/patina of the rear mag tells you it's a 12 spoke of the magnesium variety.

The Shovelhead has been given the same attention to detail that last year's Knucklehead received. The DC Linkert is rarely seen on bikes these days. Sportsters used them for several years but, they were only used one year (1966), on Shovelheads.

The bike has a good stance. Use of Harley rubber pegs through out is a nice touch.

Kiyo proving it runs. Sorry about the picture quality.

Time Capsule


If one day your route takes you North on Hwy 93 from Las Vegas to Wendover you will pass through a town called McGill. Copper mining brought riches and placed McGill on the map in the beginning of the last century. Sadly though today it is a shadow of its former self and its tired buildings stand as a fading reminder of its former glory. Undeterred though by McGills misfortune, the Drugstore continues business regardless. In 1979 owner Daniel Breaddock decided to stay put rather than pack up and leave, today his store is a veritable museum of a bygone age with shelves stocked with products sold since 1915. Whats more it's the only place where there still exists a soda fountain...

David & Juanra:...McGill will be on our way this summer


Support Wes White


As every year now, Wes White from "Four Aces Cycle" is going to reach the sky, or... to beat a record at The annual speedweek with his legendary "Salt Ghost" Triumph... for that he will need some help, gasoline prices are going higher and higher ;-)

Help him..., buy his new and limited serie of Tshirts.

Help him..., buy the great story of the "Salt Ghost" Triumph on DVD...

See you there Mate !


Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses

Liberty Sport Biker Sunglasses Review

Marci over at Liberty Sport sent me over a pair of BikerSunglasses to ride with and evaluate. When the package arrived I opened it upand inspected everything and it was quite a package. Included were a pairBikers Sunglasses, a Liberty Sport Eyeglass Case for the glasses, a LibertySport Strap, a F8 Cleaning cloth, a pair of MagTraxion™ Magnetic Dry Eye Eyecupswith a storage pouch, and of course, instructions. All these items made this acomplete package and a great value for the price. You can even get the lensesin prescription if you need them.

Here is the Information from their website:

8-base wrap aroundlens curvature delivers excellent peripheral field of vision.  
Raised eyerim back lipprovides additional lens retention.  
Head hugging, flexibletemple design fits comfortably under most helmet designs.  
Plano frame comes withLiberty Sport Ultimate Driver or Ultimate Outdoor polycarbonate premiumperformance sun lenses:  
Passes all GlobalDriving Standards.
Hard Coat PremiumScratch Coating.
100% UVA & UVBProtection.
Comes with semi-rigidcase & adjustable strap.  

When inspecting all of the items the first thing that hit mewas how good the quality of everything was.  The glass frames themselves, felt strong anddurable, even at the hinge area. The strap was strong and had a uniqueproprietary way to attach to the frames.

I believe the lenses supplied were the Ultimate OutdoorPolycarbonate.

From their website:

Designed toaccommodate the visual needs of the outdoor enthusiast. Lens is extremelyuseful in forested and offroad environments when faced with variable lightconditions, providing low light contrast and good bright light protection.
Amber lens with bronzeflash mirror coating.

The lenses were crystal clear, accept for the tint. They seemedto brighten things up a little like blue blockers or yellow shooting lenses.For riding in the bright Texas sun I would prefer a much darker lens choice.The way that they wrapped around, they provided a pretty good field of view,though not as good as frameless ones like my Oakley’s.  However, with the MagTraxion™ Magnetic Dry EyeEyecups, they provided much more protection when riding on windy days.

Here is some information from their website about the MagTraxion™Magnetic Dry Eye Eyecups:

Eyecups made fromsoft, hypoallergenic rubber.   
Eyecups conform to theoutside curvature of the eye to trap humidity and block moisture-sappingwind.  
Removable eyecupsprovide maximum peripheral coverage.   
Magnetic eyecupssecure easily to frame using MagTraxion™ technology.   
Converts fashionablesunglasses into soothing, dryness-blocking eyewear in seconds-it's like gettingtwo frames for the price of one!   
Comes in a pair.    

 I rode with the LibertySport Biker Sunglasses for a couple of months this summer and the view andprotection was excellent.  The fit for mewas a little bit small with the frames coming under my eyebrows, which I didnot care for. I rode with them along with my half helmet and there was nointerference at all. They stayed in place real well and I did not even have to usethe adjustable strap.
The case was a black, semi rigid and made of nylon. Though alittle bulky, the case provided plenty of protection but not as much as a hardcase would have. Clean up of the lenses was a snap with the supplied cleaningcloth. 

After I rode with them for a while I turned them over to myson Jake to ride with them and provide feedback. As much as I liked them, He likedthem even more and fell in love with them. I believe they fit his face betterthan they did mine. He has been using them now for several months andeverything he has said about them is positive.

I would have to say that the value and quality that theLiberty Sport Biker Sunglasses provide makes them a great choice for anyonelooking for a good set of riding sunglasses.

Ride on,