Bikers Bay Bedford Texas Has Moved!

3164 Harwood Road Bedford, Texas 76021

Phone number: 817-354-1400
Fax Number: 817-354-1407

Store Hours:
Sunday & Monday Closed
Tuesday Through Friday 9am – 6pm
Saturday 8am - 4pm

Bikers Bay is Bedford’s only Ride In - Ride Out ® motorcycle service shop. Bikers Bay performs general maintenance services on all makes and models of motorcycles. Services include oil changes, tires, batteries, bolt on accessories, interval services, State Inspections and general repairs, all completed by certified technicians. No appointment is ever needed for our Ride In -Ride Out services. Bikers Bay only uses top quality parts and products to service your bike.

Bikers Bay Bedford also carries a complete line of parts, accessories and Biker apparel from many of the leading suppliers.

We pride our self on quality of our work and personalized customer service. Watch your bike being serviced through our shop viewing windows, talk to the tech who services your bike or discuss your customizing project with our experienced parts staff. We are here to assist you in what you need not what someone thinks they should sell you.

Stop in today, check out our shop and experience the convenience, quality, value and excellent service we offer. This shop is family owned and operated by local riders like you. Come by and meet my father, Michael Brown, our General Manager.

Proprietor's: William and Leann Brown


My son and I have both been shopping at Bikers Bay in Bedford for several years and have been real happy with the service and products. They have recently relocated even closer to me, Yea! I figure they could use a little PR.

So ride over to Bikers bay and tell 'em Torch sent ya.

Ride on,

The New Harley Davidson WIDE GLIDE 2012/ REVIEW

Wide Glide 2011 FXDWG: A Nimble Beast. Simple, Yet Elegant

Harley Davidson is testing a new program through their website.  It is a way to request test rides at your local dealership without leaving the comfort of your home.  I found this method of applying for a test ride easy and comfortable.  I’d recommend it to everyone.

My original ride choice was the Fat Boy Lo, but my dealer [Smith Brothers Harley Davidson of Johnson City] didn’t have one available to test ride. I then opted to ride the Wide Glide.  When I looked at this bike on the showroom floor, I was transported back to the days of the FX and the FXE Super Glide. 

The Wide Glide I was looking at in 2011 was reminiscent of the old AMF days, except for the super elegant appearance that our old AMF machines never possessed.  Oh, well that and the fact the engine today is 103 cubic inches (compared to 74” of AMF years), twin cam designed, uh- the huge 4.7 gallon fuel tank vs the 3.0 gallon tank.  OK I give up.  I know the differences are too numerous to count here, but if you look at it from all angles, you soon realize HD has tried to keep the lines reminiscent and true to the Glide of old.   I don’t know how that sits with the younger guys and dolls, but with me it’s what sets off sighs of happiness. 

The 2011 Wide Glide comes in 4 color themes: VIVID BLACK (my choice for a ride), Two Tone Big Blue Pearl with flames, two tone vivid black with flames, and two toned “ember red sunglow” with flames.  I’ve never seen a photo of the red, but I would like to.  I’ll bet it will be a popular color among the ladies. 

Now for the test ride: this bike’s seat sits at 25.5 inches: a perfect height for the folk who have a deficiency with their inseam like me [I stand at 5”4”].  The seat is quite comfortable for the notorious stock Harley Seat, but it’s designed with the leggy guy or gal in mind.  Its deep seat places the rider in a very comfortable butt hugging seat pan which places your weight perfectly in the center of gravity for this bike.  Unfortunately for us who are short on stature, this placement is a tad too far away for the safe operation of the rear brake.  The forward controls that come standard force me to scoot my posterior (ass) further up the neck of the seat, leaving little to no support for the butt cheeks and that sliding ass sensation while braking is kinda un-nerving at times.  If I were ever placed in a position when the rear brake needs to be used hard, I’d be in trouble. 

This shouldn’t cause you to NOT consider owning the FXDWG. There are very simple fixes either by changing the seat out for one that places you better or by making adjustments to the length of the brake pedal.  You just have to be ready to think out think the problem.  (I like adjusting the length of the brake, thus allowing my weight to stay centered.)

I took the bike along a river/lake route which affords the rider to get into the leans of the road, tossing the bike hard left or right and always enjoying the ride.  The 6 speed transmission however, never rose above 4th gear during this portion of the ride. I needed to put her on the highway in order to feel that thrill of SIX GEARS!  The big 21 inch laced front wheel stayed well grounded through every maneuver I asked of the bike.  I even took the bike to a parking lot (empty) so I could do some hard breaking techniques with it.  The skinny front wheel with the Wide Glide front end handled admirably.  I loved it.  I’m a rider who hasn’t owned anything newer than a 1993, so bear with me when I gush about the “innovations” of the new and improved Harley Davidson.

How nice to ride a bike whose front suspension don’t nose dive.  (OK, so I’m talking from the perspective of a Sportster rider whose front end is very tired.)  I rode this motorcycle through the sharp “S” curves around the lake, 1 very good hair pin, and some roads that left a lot to be desired in the pot hole avoidance department.   This bike is nimble.  Its performance was nothing short of exciting with its   instant response at the throttle and her pleasurable lean angle: she seemed to almost bend around the 90 degree hairpin (well not like a sport bike, but for a big bike it’s impressive!)

On the highway, the 2012 Wide Glide didn’t suck ass either.  Her 103 inches and the fuel injected twin cam response to my pull of the throttle put her into 6th gear quickly as I came off the ramp and onto the busy commercial truck laden lanes of I-26.  I easily pulled ahead of the traffic and hummed along the highway, avoiding the huge voids [potholes] in the cement left over from the previous ravages of winter.  The suspension didn’t disappoint, and the tracking and trail of the bike felt good too. 

This Wide Glide didn’t disappoint me.  I reluctantly returned to Smith Brothers Harley Davidson in Johnson City, Tennessee after a test ride that put me and the bike through our paces, afforded me a smile and a feeling of wonderment at the innovations Harley has provided over the years, and the feeling of great satisfaction of having ridden a factory production machine that allowed me to feel pretty damn good about its appearance and its performance.   I’d buy it.

L.L.L. #5 A Denver's Chopper?

The bike in this image is from The Leather Works ad from the September 1975 Street Chopper I've had since new. I've looked at this bike many times and wondered about it since it appears to be a high quality build. I was just going to post it, then thought I better take another look at the photos below.

I had the Street Chopper with this feature on Bob Clark's bike but, never put the two together until now. Since I no longer have that magazine, I don't recall anything about the bike. (I don't recall which blog this and the 2 below photos are from)

This photo really shows it off well. I was never a fan of Invader 5 spoked wheels but got to admit they seem to go well on this bike.

A check of the 40th anniversary issue of Street Chopper revealed a page written by Bob with this photo. He used to be co-owner of Choppers Specialties but calls it his Denver's bike, so I guess that's who built it, or where the frame and forks came from, or was his inspiration.

Another one to make you wonder.... where is it now?


German Helmets and Purple Shag Carpet

I always think folks from the past would be puzzled and or amazed by the strange combinations of stuff that emerges. Can you imagine telling a soldier during WWII, that in the future, there would be some guy wearing a German motorcycle helmet on a rig like this? What strangeness awaits us?


Well, I can tell most of my followers are lovers of motorcycles. The cars are not their bag, but that's life. I have more to post, I like them and I know some of you do as well. So without further ado: MORE CLASSIC CARS!

I have some Drag Specialties Holy Pegs for sale in my parts blog.

For more info and additional photos, click here or on the MC Parts banner at the top of the page.


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On Sept 10th, I backed the bike out of the carport warmed her up nice, and took a little spin downtown to the local CRUISE IN. I love this town and when you see these photos, you'll understand.

Elizibethton, Tennessee is not exactly a sleepy little town, nor is it an industrial town. It's just a town with loads of history, a very cool covered bridge, an old "downtown" section perfect for hosting a cruise in. Every Saturday form May to October, from 5PM to 9PM the owners of beautiful antique and classic cars gather to show off the pride of their garages. They'll set up shop on the covered sidewalk, they will back their beauties into the curb with the nose pointing to the street.

Traffic is blocked off to be 1 lane and everyone knows this ain't no drag race. It's a quaint town with American Flags waving outside the doors of the local antique and furniture stores. There is cool 60's music piped through the overhead sound system all up and down the street, and folks are just smiling and enjoying the cars, the company of their neighbors and the guests like me who come to ogle the cake.

The 1st car to catch my eye was this little Camero.

Then all bets were off from there. Every step took me from one beauty to the next. What do I photograph? What will I leave alone? (I forgot to charge my camera battery before I left. I needed to be frugal.) Well, the following shots are the ones I chose, some didn't make it in because of lighting others because of shadows, but damn near every car on that 3 block stretch should be highlighted, cuz these folks are spending hard earned money and loads of time fixing these sweeties for our enjoyment.

Are ya ready for some sweet machines?

This is just a teaser for y'all. I'll post more during the week. I do hope you enjoy the photos. I had a great time at the cruse in, hope y'all will come to my little town and check it out!

Von Dutch Indian 4 in Color...

...found in Dudley's Basement ‹link

The Imposter was one of the coolest choppers of all time (in my opinion), and it ain't a Harley, but an Indian... and a Four at that!

Finally a color photo of the Imposter. It wasn't identified on Dudley's blog. I hadn't seen another post about this photo, so I wanted to get the word out. I'll bet more photos will some day emerge since it's picture was likely taken by many show goers. (photo is slightly enlarged, enhanced and restored)

Irish Rich did a post on this cool Indian when he used to do his Von Dutch Mondays series. Rich posted this and two other black and white photos from the Art of Von Dutch book. I too have the book, and have since been hoping that more information or color photos would emerge.

The Nostalgia on Wheels blog had the link to Dudley's awhile ago for old show bike photos. If you missed it, use the link at the top of this post to see more bikes from the same era.

This Month's Header, A Little Knucklehead

This months header's art is from a small painting I did of a friends bike back in 1995. If my memory is correct, it was a rare 1942 model. I used a H-D factory photo from a 1939 model for reference and then made changes to match his bike. He ran a 18" wheel in front and a 16" in the back. One mistake, I retained the smaller size of the earlier model's air cleaner.

Knuckleheads Rule. Ruler and penny for scale.

Getting old sucks. It even surprises me the level of detail I use to paint without the use of reading glasses.

1963 XLCH for Sale

I built this bike to be a clone of the sportster in the Life Magazine Hells Angeles photos from 65. Here is some info Clean title, titled as 63 Harley. brand new wheels done by buchanan's rebuilt rear hub with stainless spokes and polished stock harley high shoulder 18" rim with new dunlop tire, rebuilt half brake front hub stainless spokes laced to a wm1 borrani 21" rim with avon speed master. Brand new reproduction 14" chrome shocks, fresh paint on tank and fender by the one and only Harpoon, new petcock, fully rewired, rebuilt magento, rebuilt bendix carb, 5.5 Flanders riser and flanders drag bars, new clutch and brake levers, new throttle and grips, correct buddy peg set, new Bear Parts solo seat, new rear chain. This bike starts easily and the motor and trans sound great and work perfectly. Email me at for questions are price