Working on Mistress, My Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic

Made some progress today fixing Mistress, my 2003 Yamaha V-Star 1100 Classic. Ordered a new Light bar kit to get the hollow bolt to remount the left side driving lamp.

Remounted the windscreen, tightened the handle bars & reinstalled the clock & temp gauges.

Removed the saddlebags and left rear turn signal & straightened the mounting bar.

Still need to order new clear turn signal lenses & Star eyebrows.

A day at the beach.

My fortune cookie says....

Money is the root of all evil and man needs roots.

I love it!

Yuengling Traditional Lager

I peeled off my bottle label and brought it back home just to share with you.

Since 1829 by America's Oldest Brewery!

Now that's saying something!

I was Yuengling de-virginized when I was on storm duty handling insurance property hail claims in Alabama this spring. Now had it not been for posts from Jay at Road Captain USA, I would have never even heard of this beer, let alone been intrigued enough to try it. You see, Jay lives in Delaware. Just a hop skip and a jump away from Pennsylvania where Yuengling is brewed.

WTF this beer was doing all the way across the country in Alabama, I've no clue, but there it was. I just had to try it. I'm glad I did, cause it is pretty damn fine beer.

I'm not a big fan of beer with little to no beer flavor. You know those Sexy beers, those beers that are like love in a canoe. You know. Fucking near water! HA! LOL!

I must admit, even though it is virtually flavorless, I do partake in a Mich Golden Light here and there to try to help keep in check my slender girlish figured beer belly.

Anyway, it is an amber beer. Not what I expected at all.

Thanks Jay for the heads up way back when.

Think I'll go get me a beer now that we are talking about it. You go do the same. Cheers!

Fast Cages / NASCAR

Videos & Photos From My First NASCAR Experience
Taken on my HTC EVO

Parking at Texas Motor Speedway

It was a very windy Saturday

For a moment I thought I was at a People of Wal-Mart Convention.

It is larger than it looks just driving by on the freeway.

I will not disclose how much I $pent.

Bunch of 200 mph left turns. 

Row 6 Section 128, Just outside the Pits where they gunned it to get going.

At speed they go around the 1.5 mile tri-oval in about 38 seconds.

Some Clips:

Ride on,

Back together

The Titan Sidewinder that I custom painted has been put back together. I hope to see it in person soon. Yeah, someone else owns it, just like most things I paint, but a little piece of it feels like it is mine.

The paint jobs always take on a different feel when the bike is put back together.

I'm diggin this one.


Mean Street Riders: Southern Rock Done Right

Dowlin Mayfield :Guitars/Vocals
Kevin Lacour: Drums/Vocals
Gregg Torres: Keyboards/Vocals
Eric Lampley: Bass/Vocals
Shannon Wallace: Guitars/Volcals

Mean Street Riders New Album: “HIGH ON THE HOG” is due to be released June of 2011.

If you’ve spent any time on social media sites such as FaceBook and Twitter, you’ve no doubt seen something about Mean Street Riders.  I’ve seen them on FaceBook for about a year, but I’d never heard their music, nor had I met anyone who had.  All that changed when I announced I was going to be in Daytona Beach, Florida for Bike Week. 

Mean Street Mary (their publicist) contacted me as I was leaving Daytona Beach for my home in Tennessee. She wanted to meet up.  Alas, my bike was packed for the home stretch and I couldn’t leave it alone in a parking lot.   Mary kept in contact with me, texting me regarding an offer I couldn’t refuse. She wanted to forward to me an advance copy of the debut album from the Mean Street Riders.  She was true to her word and in short order, I soon had a copy of their new album “HIGH ON THE HOG” in my hot little hands.

I plugged the CD into my laptop with my earphones snuggled on my head.   I decided to listen to the album before reading anything regarding their background from the press kit.  I do this so I won’t have any expectations about the group other than to be entertained by fresh sounds and lyrics. 
As each new track was laid bare to my listening ears, I found my interest in this band growing.  I realized their music reminded me of a band from my youth: “Pure Prairie League, but the musical comparisons didn’t end there.  I also heard influences from Jackson Browne, Allman Brothers Band, ZZ Top and Shooter Jennings.

I’m not sure if all the instruments I heard on the album is played by the boys in the band, or if they are generated by computerized gadgets, right now I don’t think it matters. If the strings (mandolins and violins) sound like they are generated from the real thing, then what’s more to say?

Every song on this album holds feelings, memories and sounds we as bikers will relate to. As I listen to “Living High on the Hog”, I am transported to the days we could hear the Allman Brothers Band on the radio. The lead guitar, the driving beat of the drummer and the rhythm section of the band all kept my body moving: recalling how my motorcycle allows me feel when I ride her!

I’ve Had a Good Ride” is a track on the album that really speaks to me.  The first strains of guitar remind me of Chris Isaak. Those strains soon fade away and are replaced by banjo picking.  Now I’m listening to the sounds of Pure Prairie League, except it’s not.  It’s a unique sound, a blending of Chris and the League.  It’s a song of pure riding joy, of what’s in the wind. It translates into words all the wonders of motorcycling.  Yes boys and girls “I’ve Had a Good Ride”.   

The track, “Rollin’ On” opens with the ghostly sounds of Native American chanting. It speaks of the “dark side” of motorcycling.  Yes, we’ve all been there, or at least we have all experienced that “OH SHIT” moment, where our hearts race and our minds run ahead of our bodies: looking for a way out of danger. It’s a beautiful song about a dark time we all face when we ride.  The vocals are smooth and pleasant, “We’re gonna ride like that wind through the pain”   wow, strong and evocative phrasing. Combine this with the ghost chanting and your left with quite a haunting feeling of calm and peace.  I like how the music quiets the “oh shit” moment.  Perhaps that’s what it’s like.  I’d like to think so.  

Then there is “Long Road of Love”.  This song should be my theme song. “Appalachian back roads: I love the freedom I call my own.”  Mandolins strumming, banjos picking, hard rocking lead guitars, the beautiful vocals mixed so smoothly: I just want to sit on my porch and sip some fine Tennessee whiskey as I listen to the music.  This song is me.  The words “I love the South Land, I love my home…” bring huge wells of pride swelling up inside me. These boys have taken all the words, all the feelings inside me and found a way to bring them to everyone else all around me; they’ve said it better than I ever could.   

MEAN STREET RIDERS in their debut album have created music that will haunt your soul.  The boys have taken the feeling of riding and translated it to harmonies, strung chords, picked strings and driving compression. It won’t touch everyone.  Nothing touches all people the same way, but for most riders, you will find a connection with one or more of the songs on “HIGH ON THE HOG”. 

I enjoy the album and I will be looking for them at the biker venues along my travels. I want to hear more.  Main Street Riders understand the heart of the biker’s soul.

If you’d like to listen to excerpts of Mean Street Riders new album “HIGH ON THE HOG” check out their web site at:


It's a great time of the year, don't you agree? The time when nature gives you a freebie, a day of sunshine accompanied by heat, warmth, and sun burns. The time of year when we take off our jackets and expose our Lilly white arms to the warmth of the sun. Exposure of a sort that don't do much for the libido but sure helps us forget the gloom of the past few months of winter!

View Larger Map

Sunday March 10th was just such a day. I waited for the fog to burn off. I puttered about the house until almost noon, then started the bike and headed for my spring destination: The Snake (US-421). I took a round about way to get there. I live less than 30 miles from this semi-famous motorcycle destination in Shady Valley, TN.

The way I take is SR-37 to US-321 in Hampton TN. US-321 heads up into the mountains and around Lake Watauga. This is a nice little twisty road that eventually leads out of Tennessee and into Western North Carolina.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: Into the mountains

Our winter has been quite wet. It's a rock strewn ride around mud and rock slides as I travel this road.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

It's here the road becomes of interest to me! All of a sudden, even though I've traveled this road for almost 5 years, I realize there are some very cool back roads that need exploration. I decide to take one of them as I enter the valley floor near US-421. The road is called "OLD US-421". I decide to take it. How can ya go wrong? It was worth the ride.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: A blast from our past ESSO

Not far into the detour I ride into a small town known as Sugar Grove, NC.
As I'm weaving down the road, I spy an old ESSO gasoline sign! "This is gonna be good!" I think to myself. I was right! Here in little Sugar Grove, across the street from the Library is a little museum. It's known as "D.T. Garage Museum".

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: Antique gas pump

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: Antique gas pump

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: D.T. Brown Garage

Leaving the Garage Museum behind, I travel a few miles down the road to discover these photogenic buildings standing next to a creek whose soft, misty undertones helped produce a hypnotic beauty in my mind. I hoped to capture that same beauty through the lens.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: early 20th century architecture

I barely kicked the bike into 2nd gear after leaving the old buildings, then I came across this old steam engine. I've not a clue what it was once used for. Do you?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: Vestige of a steam engine

I'm a fan of the old style country church. I saw one that caught my eye as I was riding down the road. I decided to snap my camera as I rode. I like the way the tarmac of the road gives way to the speed of the bike while the old church sits center frame in the distance.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

All too soon, Old US-421 rejoins the new and "improved" edition of US-421 and I turn my wheel toward the town of Trade TN. Trade sits on the shared state lines of Tennessee and North Carolina. It has a fun festival every year which celebrates the old grist mill that still sits in town. Some time, I'll have to look for the photos I took when I attended with my sister a few years ago.

Just after passing the grist mill is SR-67. I turn right at this road and follow it up into North Carolina again. The road now becomes NC-88. A fine road for photo ops, but I don't stay on it long. I want to get back onto US-421 and head for Shady Valley via Mountain City. I was ready for a few technical twists and turns on US-421 known locally to us bikers as "The Snake".

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: the Mountain City side of The Snake.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In one shot I took (on the west side of Shady Valley heading toward Bristol TN.) I stopped to get a few shots. I never noticed my lens took a hit from a juicy bug, but it tends to lend character to the photo.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
image caption: Shady Valley

I turned the bike around at South Holston Lake, retracing my ride back to Shady Valley. I didn't stop at the Shady Valley General Store, which is the prime destination for many riders. I came to ride, not socialize. No time for the hundreds of bikers standing around telling war stories. I like to make my stories as I ride, and I'll them to ya here. Much better this way. Don't ya think?

Hey braugh.

Its OLD, Its NEW, Its Shovelhead and Ironhead Tune and Service

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Super Duper 1961 Panhead for sale

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