Donate Your Scrap Bike to Charity in the UK

I was contacted by the nice folks at Giveacar in the UK  and asked if I would spread the word that you can now donate your scrap bike and the funds will go to good charities. Here is the blurb from there website:
At Giveacar we’re not just about cars. We arrange the donation of all types of vehicles to charity. From mobile recording studios to campervans, we can turn your unwanted vehicle into much needed funding for your favourite cause. This includes Motorbikes, which despite their small stature can still raise a hefty sum for charity.
scrap motorbike
So if your bike has seen better days or, perhaps, you just don’t have the time to ride it anymore, Giveacar can offer you a simple, free and ethical way of getting rid of it.
Just like with our cars, no matter what state your bike may be in it will be collected free of charge and at a time to suit you. Once you have arranged to donate your bike with us we will pass you details on to our partners in your area, who will organise the collection with you. They will take your bike to their nearest site, dismantle it, and sell on the working parts. A donation will then be made to the charity of your choice based on the price of your old bikes parts.
scrap motorbike
When donating a bike with Giveacar, you are not only helping to support your favourite charity, but you are also helping others to keep their beloved bikes on the road. As well as helping out fellow bike enthusiasts, this also has an environmental benefit. By keeping old bikes on the road you are reducing the demand for new bikes, thus reducing the significant environmental damage caused by their production.
Motorbike donation is a relatively new initiative here at Giveacar, but it is something we are sure will raise a great deal of money for charity while helping us to fulfil our green objectives.
So, if you are in the UK and looking to upgrade your motorcycle, or have an unused one lying around please donate it to a worthy cause.

Ride on, 


In late February, I left my home for another ride into North Carolina. Once more I decided to point the wheel and my nose toward Maggie Valley and the object of my affection: Wheels Through Time. I wanted to ride a route there I've never been on. That's getting tougher daily. But I did manage to find ONE road that I'd never been on before. OK. So it wasn't the most direct route there, who cares? In order to care about that, I'd have to care more about the destination than the ride. You know, that just ain't never gonna happen. THE RIDE IS WHAT I'M ALL ABOUT!

View Wheels Through Time less Direct Route in a larger map

I formally decide to start the ride on Flag Pond Road where it meets with TN-352. There is an old store front (now empty) where I like to stop. I love it's lines, the weathered boards, and now it appears someone has kicked in the door. I didn't take the time to investigate. But I will.

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I begin to ascend the mountain. Up we go: the Lil Girl and I. We lean and twist through the bends in the road until we reach the top of the little mountain. This is where the state line is and the road now has a new designation: NC-212. I've taken several photos along this route, and it seems to be, the very same time of year. I need to be a little less predictable I think. Before too long, I come across NC-208, where you will find this Historic Marker denoting the massacre of 13 men and boys suspected of "UNIONISM". Sad marker indeed.

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I must admit I love NC-208. This road is not very long, but it's edged by a powerful gushing river on one side, and stone outcroppings on the other. The river has been cutting it's way down the mountain side for a very long time and the boulders it crashes through make a fine playground for the river otters who make their home in this region. I stopped to watch the water pound it's way through a path of boulders when I sighted this little feller. I wish I had a better lens to capture him with!

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The otter is on the rocks

I love this rest stop. While not very far into the ride, it is still a place that refreshes the lost and weary soul.

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In a few short miles, I must leave NC-208 and join with US-70. This takes me into the very cool town of Hot Springs NC. This town enjoys visitors whose interests vary widely. There are hikers from the AP Trail, bikers who are traveling US-70 Scenic Route over the mountain, rafters and kayak paddlers plying the French Broad River. It's a nice rustic town. Good food, bars, and other business can be found here. But I am getting off topic. I stop only for fuel here before I continue onto NC-209. The twistiest part of the ride. It's one of those roads whose sharp hair pins, raising rocky outcrops, and sharp drop offs into steep and seemingly bottomless chasms offer excitement, wonder and beauty.

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Sheer rock faces along the route of NC-209.

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Deep drop offs into chasms offer excitement

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The Twists of NC-209

This little cabin has sat here for a long time without any sign of life to it. This time coming through, I have noticed someone is trying to "improve" the road to the cabin. Could that possibly mean the cabin will soon be occupied?

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A few more miles down the road, I see NC-63. I've been wanting to come this way for some time now. It's a road I've never taken and leads ya back to Asheville. I don't take the road all the way back to Asheville. I ride quite a few miles until I see Newfound Road. I decide to see where that goes. It was also a good choice. YIKES...I'm ahead of myself! Look at some of the great shots I found here on NC-63!

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Broken Panes

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Weathered Boards

Now, tell me. Do you really ever try to identify how a barn was slapped together? I love barns. Some of them were literally slapped together with poles and rough hewn lumber. While others, like this barn, had to really take some thought in order to show this kind of tapestry design on it's sides. Texture. Sometimes a photo is about texture.

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Look at the route of NC-63! It's a squiggly line, up and down mountains heading south east. As I was coming down from a mountain, I saw this view. I thought my "Lil Girl" would look great here. She does!

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The View off NC-63.

From here it's a matter of catching Newfound Road south to US-19 and into Maggie Valley. I made my way into the wonderful Museum "Wheels Thought Time". Took about 10 shots before my battery quit on me. STUPID...I forgot to charge it before I left. But here is more of Wheels Through Time for ya!

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Buy your tickets for this Knucklehead at the Wheels Through Time website.

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I love the natural patina of the bikes

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1942 Military XA model. Harley Davidson.

If life gets any better than this....

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A simple reward of life

Modesto MC

2011 MotoGP Season Starting!

Yes, 2011 MotoGP Season Starting!

Yes, the 2011 MotoGP Racing season is underway at the Losail Circuit in Qatar and MotoGP needs more fans. The first race will be on the Speed Channel Sunday March 20, 2011, so check your local listings for times and set it up to record if you have too.
 This season is shaping up to be another exciting one with a lot of great talent on the tarmac. Be sure and register at to watch the live timing of the practice and qualifying sessions and to learn more about MotoGP Racing. 

Also be sure and sync up your calendar to keep up with future races in the MotoGP season. 

Race on,


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Come and listen to a story about a man named Jed
A poor mountaineer, barely kept his family fed,
Then one day he was shootin at some food,
And up through the ground came a bubblin crude.

I really need to post the story about this ride soon...and I will.

I'm sure there is a letter hidden, but Hell Motors sounds so edgey.

Nice little bob job.