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Putting the Soul back into Solstice

The Original Reason for the Season

All things are connected. Did you know that this is the origin of The Yin and Yang symbol? The ancient Chinese projected the line that the shadow of a pole makes on a gridded circle for a period of a year and then darked one side.

The days will now be getting longer!

"The Commuter" by The Southsiders


For most of us, our first experience of two wheels is cycling. For me, this is where it all started.

There is an important road cycling culture in France and every summer during the 1970s we'd watch the Tour de France on TV with passion. I was fascinated by the aesthetics and technology of these machines and the bravery and skill of the riders. Then one day I discovered motorbikes, and from then on I thought bicycles would hold no more interest for me, feeling very proud sat astride a throbbing machine.

After becoming a city dweller I considered using a bicycle again as a quick and economical mode of transport. In recent years and under various influences, our sons for example, we have seen the rise of the BMX and fixie phenomenon.

We really liked this mix of urban culture.

With my friend Benoit, we finished the "CP project" in late 2009, when the challenge to build our own bicycle began. For this, our friend Med, thanks to his experience, was the ideal partner. Owner of the Focale 44 brand in Andorra, he supplied a frame modified according to our needs. A beautiful road frame, lightweight and singlespeed ready.

For simplicity and aesthetic reasons we wanted a pure and radical design, free of any superfluous parts.

We opted for a brakeless front hub and a rear coaster brake hub, keeping the handlebar clear of any components in order to keep the lines clean. We also developed an integrated lighting concept, with lights designed into the seatstays and handlebar.As we did not like the style of modern stems, we developed our own. Similarly, we also developed our own cranks, chain guides and wheelnuts.

All these parts have been manufactured and painted by our wizard friend Momo, whose skills need no introduction. As a final touch the seat has been finished in leather by our saddler, Claude Carrière.
We have created this bicycle as if it were a Christmas present to ourselves. However, a limited edition is in production and is available to buy. Prices vary depending on selected options.
Please contact us for more

La première expérience à deux roues est en général le vélo, c'est par là que personnellement tout a commencé.
En France, nous avons une tradition du vélo de course, tous les étés, dans les années 70, nous regardions avec passion le Tour de France à la télévision. J'étais fasciné par l'aspect esthétique et technique de ces machines et l'héroïsme des coureurs.Un jour, la moto est entrée dans ma vie, j'ai alors longtemps pensé que le vélo n'avait plus d'intérêt, me sentant très fier sur une machine vrombissante.
C'est en venant habiter dans une grande ville que j'ai à nouveau songé à utiliser la bicyclette comme moyen de déplacement rapide et économique. Ces dernières années, sous diverses influences, celles de nos fils par exemple, nous avons vu éclore le phénomène BMX puis fixed gear.
Ce mix de culture urbaine était fait pour nous plaire...

Avec mon ami Benoit, nous venions de terminer le "CP project" fin 2009, lorsque le pari de construire notre propre vélo fût lancé. Pour cela, nôtre ami "Med" grâce à son expérience, était le partenaire tout désigné. Propriétaire de la marque "Focale 44" en Andorre, il nous a fourni le cadre de leur conception, modifié selon nos besoins, un beau cadre street léger et singlespeed.

Nous avons souhaité, pour des raisons de simplicité et d'esthétique, un vélo aux lignes pures et radicales dénué en apparence de tout superflu.
Nous avons opté pour un moyeu avant sans frein et un moyeu arrière à rétropédalage, dégageant le guidon de tout accessoire afin de préserver la ligne.Nous avons développé un concept d'éclairage "intégré" dans les haubans du cadre et dans le guidon. L' estéthique des systèmes de potence actuels ne nous plaisant pas... nous avons aussi développé la nôtre ainsi que le pédalier, le guide-chaine et les papillons de roues.Nous avons confié la réalisation de ces éléments ainsi que le travail de peinture à nôtre sorcier et ami Momo, dont les talents ne sont plus à démontrer...Et pour finir la selle a été recouverte de cuir par notre sellier Claude Carrière.

Nous avons crée ce vélo, un peu comme notre cadeau de Noël. Cependant, nous avons d'ores et déjà mis en fabrication une série limitée si vous souhaitez en faire l'acquisition.Les prix varient en fonctions des options choisies.
Pour plus d'informations:

Photos by Benoit Guerry for


Olivier Mosset... Motorcycle Lover


Two years ago , we published with the help of my friend Emmanuel Brunet a first post about Olivier Mosset. A few months ago, Emmanuel sent me what we could qualify as an "Essay" talking about the same Guy - Olivier Mosset - but not only... Emmanuel was talking about his vision of art in general... I found this text very intense and so clear, I wanted to post this one too...

thank you Emmanuel

In 1977 our friend Emmanuel Brunet was an 18 year old Fine Arts Student, in Bordeaux, when he became fascinated by the discovery of a bold & irreverent text, published by an artistic movement, known as the BMPT, in 1967.

Emmanuel says:
The BMPT, was a bunch of guys formed by Daniel Buren, Olivier Mosset, Michel Parmentier & Neil Toroni. These guys were creating murals, painting black circles over white backgrounds or black vertical stripes over white surfaces. They liked to consider themselves : the "Ground Zero of Painting"

The text red: "As painting is a game, as paint is tuning or detuning colors. As paint is applying (consciously or not) rules for composition. As painting is enhancing the gesture. As painting is representing the outside (or interpreting it, or appropriating it, or showing it!). As painting is offering a springboard for imagination. As painting is illustrating the interiority. Because painting is a justification. As paint is useful. As painting is done according to the rules of aesthetics, flowers, women, eroticism, the everyday environment, art, dada, psychoanalysis, war in Vietnam... WE ARE NOT PAINTERS. "

The BMTP, wanted to get loose on form convictions, or any other artistic structure aimed to limit the path or space for any painted expression to be classified as art. They refused to be considered painters. They just wanted to be seen as a group of people that exhibited their work in galleries.

Emmanuel says:
For me this bunch were just another reflection of the nihilist punk reasoning that was exploding across world culture In 1977. Punk bands were growing like shrooms, and the band members were not musicians! They were just groups of guys that played loud music. Their tempos were fast and slang. Their messages were rude and scarce.
Like the BMPT bunch they yelled... WE ARE NOT MUSICIANS!

The spark that ignited this essay, was the casual find of Harley Davidson Chopper picture, belonging to a certain Olivier Mosset. The bike showed a tank paint in a rugged Jackson Pollock style. Some research after I had already found a portrait of Olivier, while living in the USA(Tucson AZ.), with the bike & himself styling a neat perfect biker look. The finding provoked my surprise, as I found interesting how our "No Painter" from the 70's, had evolved from the most minimal of minimalisms to an over the top custom chopper habitude.

This incongruence, (only so if we applied a simplistic eye), in O.Mosset's endeavor, gave me a second thought. The history of Harley Davidson has rocketed through time since its early 1900s birth, and has meant and served as many symbols, icons or ideals to different generations. In a way I realized that a Harley Chopper was not just a motorcycle, as the BMPT were not painters or the punksters were not musicians!

At the time, the B.M.P.T.'s aim, was to demonstrate how derisory in the arts, is the cult of personality. They loved to play hide and seek, sometimes, showing off how their paintings were dominated by the style of another member of the group.It is just the same with a Harley modifying culture, There is an author, a spark, in all currents, but his "work is all over the place" and the status of its creator fades away.

Like Olivier Mosset - talking of himself as an"artist before being a painter" - based on the principles of neutrality, deletion and radicalism, I always questioned the logics & limits of painting. The same logic is applied when my path crosses that of a biker. I always have this strange feeling: "That's the kind of a biker who's not just a biker..!".

I guess you might feel the same.


Olivier Mosset is born in 1944 in Berne, He lives and works inTucson (Arizona). Member of BMTP group in 1966 with Daniel Buren, Niele Toroni and Michel Parmentier,first installed in NYC in 1977. Bibliography : Olivier Mosset : Travaux 1966-2003/Arbeiten 1966-2003/Works 1966-2003, Musée Cantonal des Beaux-Arts, Lausanne - Kunstverein St Gallen, 2003.

Emmanuel Brunet lives in Paris, is creative Director at Baurepaire Agency and fashion Magazine Technikart Mademoiselle

Thanks a lot to El Solitario for the heroic translation


Men's File Issue #6 (preview)

The next issue of Men's File will be on sale in January. Here is a preview brought to us by my small spy mouse...



The Joe Hurst Blog presents: The Blue Bike

Since becoming friends, Joe has sent me a lot of cool photos and for awhile there, the blog was in danger of a coup d'état. Since it's been awhile, and the threat has subsided, it's time to share some more from his archives.

Circa 1970. Joe just calls it the Blue Bike but, it's actually the Hustler redone with less rake, a shorter springer, a Harley Sprint tank, and of course, blue paint.

Great roadside shot. I'm loving the pan too.

A bit later with fish tail up-sweeps.

Joe out on the road. This photo is interesting for two reasons. 1. Joe's wearing one of those cool Harley shirts with the psychedelic font from a page in a 1970 parts and accessories catalog as posted here in Dec. 2009. 2. He's also wearing one of those heavy duty wide leather wrist/watch bands. Joe says he had it made with a cover to protect his watch, and as far as he knows, was the first to wear one. Did Joe invent them? At one time they were quite the rage. I could easily see how they might make a comeback... at least within the retro chopper scene.

Interesting Photos from the Progressive International Dallas Motorcycle Show 2011

Thought that would get your attention!

More Interesting Photos from the Progressive International Dallas Motorcycle Show 2011 

(Click to enlarge)

 AMA American Superbike champion Josh Hayes YZF-R1

Jorge Lorenzo's MotoGP Bike 

Familiar Faces??

The Harley Davidson Living Room Suite

Recognize this man?

Cool Stuff at the S&S display

The CMRA had a Booth!

Long-Distance Rider Doug Wothke

Doug Wothke again

Ride on,