Cleveland Cyclewerks. Interesting Entry Level Motorcycle (that won't make you feel like a dork.)

A 250 with serious some cool factor!  This is not an endorsement and not a slam.  I don't know anything about it but I like the looks a lot! From Cleveland Cyclewerks. Lots More HERE

The Metro Racing Calandars Are Out!

Great Stuff! Be sure and Get yours soon!

Metro Racing! Thanks For the Eye Candy Don!

The Winter Blues...

Living in Florida the last 30 years I sometimes forget that this is what awaits many of you for the next four or five months... my sincere condolences. But chin up! Time flies and spring will be here before you know it! Besides now you have a good block of time for those bike and bike related projects to get done. So have at it... and while we're on the subject, send me some pictures of whatever projects you've got going on. Might make for some interesting posts!

Beautiful Harley Cafe Sportster

Cool is cool.

I'm not gettin all 60's on ya, but cool is cool. Is that Blind Melon and Dr Sprocket?

Wanderlust... An F-16 Adventure

Love them pie tins!

BeeBee a gogo

Reader Ride! A Killer Katana From Iceland!

I'm pretty sure this is our first Icelandic Bike! And what a great way to start! A lot of people didn't/don't like the styling of these bikes. I don't know why exactly. Yes it was very different at the time and there hasn't been much like it since but I personally wish there was more bold design like this from Japan.

Anyway, thank Much Duddi!
Here is my Katana 1982
1428cc Wiseco big bore and more and more.......
Sober Riders MC

Stunning Kawasaki Z1R

Wow!  speaks for itself really...
And thanks again to Danny Clark and his amazing Flickr page.

Update: Reader Submittal. Old school Hybrid.

Update:  should have seen this coming...  for those of you e-mailng and commenting for more info...

The bike is for sale on EBAY UK Here:

What a fantastic bike!  Thanks to Cal from the UK for sending me these.  I've seen a few like these over the years and this is the best by far! I love it when an old iconic bike gets modernized without the spirit of the original being overwhelmed by the new components.  It's a delicate dance and flawlessly executed here.

Some Classic Baha Roger Decoster Racebike Action from 1981!

Thanks again to Danny Clark.

Reader Ride. Ducati Pantah 500.

Greg Writes in:
Ian Fallon wrote for the Ducati Museum -
Introduced as a 500 in 1979, the Pantah engine was designed and built by engineers Fabio Taglioni and Gian Luigi Mengoli. It formed the basis of the Ducati production/racing program for years to come. So advanced was the design that it was still in production throughout the 1980s ... Pantah used a toothed belt camshaft drive instead of the earlier bevel-gears. Other important technical developments were the racing-inspired 60° included valve angle and the forged one-piece crankshaft. These features improved the bike’s reliability and made the design more suitable for competition.

I have owned this bike for three years and love it.  The camshafts on this motor makes it feel like it free revs and it wants to go past its 10,000rpm redline.  The suspension and frame work very well and will keep up with any of my friends larger displacement bikes in the twisties.  It is an easy bike to push  and control and I believe one of the more beautiful.  If you get a chance to ride one you will not be disappointed.  This was the first belt drive Ducati and the basis of every Ducati motor since.

Thanks for a great site.

Greg Rathe

By the way...

Happy Thanksgiving!


Thanks to Danny Clark and his fantastic Flickr Page.

Happy Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving 2010 !

Everyone have a safe & happy Turkey Day!
Ride on,

Wanderlust... Bike on a Boat.

 Saw this over on ADV Rider thread of the same name... LINK  Great Stuff.

Fantastic Historical Boardtrack Photos

From a REALLY cool site with historical images of all kinds called SHORPY.COM The Caption reads "Fred "Freddy" Fretwell of Washington on a Harley-Davidson"

Fair warning. Don't go over there unless you have some time to kill. It's addictive.

Here's a great grandstand shot (of a car race obviously) to give you an idea of the scale of the the track sizes. Pretty amazing. Must have been quite a spectacle for it's time.

Reader Ride. Nice Boardtracker.

The boardtrack racer theme has REALLY become popular lately.  Here's another nice one along with a video  with a link back the the owners Blog. Great stuff!

Board track replica-fly over from Tobias Björklund on Vimeo.

Reader Ride. Jeb in Brooklyn

Thanks again to James A. Willis.

Wanderlust! Murph is Leaving Death Vallly

Bonneville salt flats, Death Vally... where's he off to next?  Go find out..

Reader Ride! Cool And Affordable Urban Assault Yamaha!

I always loved the styling of the 78 RD400 (the best looking model IMHO. Ii occured to me years later that it was at least partly derived from the earlier XS360. Reader Andrew McQuade did a great job of blending those good looks into a low cost but very cool (and beautifully photographed by the way) urban assault bike.

Andrew writes in:

Howdy! My name is Andrew and I would like you to check out my 1977 Yamaha XS360 2D. it has 13,300 original miles. I use the bike daily to commute around Atlanta, Ga. The seating position and the torque from the 360cc parallel twin is great. Ive mounted Shinko 705 dual sport tires and they are excellent on the terrible streets around here. They are not only decent and inexpensive but also offer great traction for going off road to avoid traffic jams or just exploring gravel roads.

The bike breathes through dual CV Mikunis and stock mufflers and features a paint scheme similar to the Daytona Yamahas. Also, here is a quick video I made with my Go-Pro helmet cam.
The photos were shot at the old Murray Mill in west midtown, Atlanta.

Keep up the great blog!
-Andrew McQuade

More proof that you don't need big bucks to have a really cool ride.
Great Stuff Andrew! Thanks!

Wow! you don't see bikes like this very often! Yamaha WR450 with a JVO rally kit!

Hardcore Rally bike! And it's FOR SALE!  No I don't know the owner.  Just an FYI.  I's a practice bike for this years Dakar!

Crossover post from the 2-stroke blog. Konig Racer. Really interesting engine cinfiguration.

this is a crossover post from the 2 stroke blog. I just did a cut and paste so i's complete with updates from the readers. A really interesting bike and story.

Second Update: I've got the smartest readers on the web!

Lawrence wrote in:

A documentary about motor-racer Kim Newcombe, who turned heads in the 70s on a König motorbike he developed and designed himself. He was killed racing in 1973 and posthumously came second in that year's World 500cc Grand Prix. The film mixes interviews and underdog triumph on the track scenes, with Super 8 footage of family life on the circuit, and poignant wife-of-maverick reflections from his widow Janeen. Love, Speed and Loss won best documentary at the 2007 Qantas TV Awards and Air NZ Screen Awards for best documentary, directing, and editing.


Thanks Again!  You guys are the best!


Update from the comments:
it is not a twin engine. It is a 4 cylinder engine. Originally a motorboat engine.
Cheers Uwe

I suspected that it might be but it was hard to be certain from the camera angle. thank you for clearing that up! Makes it all the more interesting!


A liquid cooled opposed four cylinder with a gear driven, toothed belt rotary valve intake intake setup. Interesting stuff.

Reader Ride. Excellent Buell Fighter.

Thank you Marco!

Lost Roads: Sneedville TN.

I left home about 10:00 AM.  The temperature was in the high 40's, the skies were gray and overcast.  The weather guys said it would be sunny. I figure he pretty much didn't have a clue.  No rain but sun was a rarity the entire day.  It's a good day for photographic work. 
I start my journey as I always do these days: I photograph my trip meter.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
PHOTO CAPTION: Speedo start of trip.

Riding west on I-26 to Gate City VA. and US-23 North to US 421/58 West.  Once I'm on US-58 West, I know I will be looking out for SR-600 and the start of my Lost Road Ride.  I almost missed it! I thought I would find it further west than I did.  If not for the car turning ahead of me...I 'm sure I would have missed it!

The problem with this? I wasn't prepared. I thought I would have more time to buy fuel. When I found VA-600, I already had 53 miles on the Lil Girl.  I decided to chance it. I know she should get about 90 miles before I was sucking air...and while I did not really study the map before I left, I figured "Hey, there is gonna be a gas station around here somewhere..." uh huh... right.  60 miles gone, 65....70.  I stopped to drag out a map. Something I don't usually do, but I wanted to be sure I shouldn't be knocking on the door of a farmer out here...rather than sitting on the side of a lonely 2 lane road.  Before I could get the map, a pick-up truck truck stopped and asked if all was well.  I asked the guy if there was a gas station within 10 miles. He smiles and tells me of a store ahead, it had no gas but they could tell me where the closest station was.  It was 3 miles ahead.  This guy was not from around here, he was going home after having bagged his buck.  This day was the opening season and he got his boy.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Bagged deer at the check station

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Wildlife check station and convenience store

This is a really nice country store, housing a small restaurant, a wild life game check station, and a convenience store.  The inside was quaint with wood floors and heavy wood old time shelving.  It smelled good in there, but I was on a mission. Gas, photos...LOST ROADS!  

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

 IMAGE CAPTION: Old barn and weathered wood

Almost as soon as I round the corner and head toward Sneedville and the closest gas station (ten miles away) I find an old barn with great weathered wood to capture with the lens.  It's not as dramatic in these photos as it should be...I was/am disappointed. I'm in Kyles Ford, TN.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: couldn't hit the broadside of a barn?

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: barn door?

Oh, by the way...I had crossed over into TN about 1/8 mile before I found the wildlife check station. The name of the road changed to TN-33 South.  I find the gas station, I've got 80 miles showing on the trip meter and the pump says I had .06 gas left.  Whew...I love riding my little sporty with her 2.3 gallon tank!  This store also served hot food.  I pumped my gas, moved my bike and ordered a hamburger.  Oh it was sooo good!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I had found Sneedsville.  As I rode into town on their main street, I stopped to photograph their court house. It's a stately structure for a town this size.  I liked the architecture of the building.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Court House in Sneedville

I found the jail museum easily enough, it is on Jail Street...the next block over.  It was closed. What a bummer the sign says it's open 2 days a week (both of them weekdays. No weekends.)  Oh, and once October is over, it's not open at all. If you want to visit, you must call for an appointment.  OK, I should have read the fine print. 

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Jail of Sneedville sign.

As I'm leaving town, I see this bright red structure with the quilt design on it.  I like this design on this red building as a back drop for my bike...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: closed business, red background, and my Lil Girl

Leaving Sneedville on TN-33 you will cross over the Clinch River and come to a "T". Here if you turn right you will find yourself on TN-31 south. This road appears to have one very twisty section on it as you wind your way toward TN-11, it appears to be called "The Treadway".  Makes it sound pretty good huh? I didn't go that way. I tipped my bike to the left and followed TN-66 south.  I've been on the lower half of TN-66 and found it to be a lot of fun.  I've been wanting to explore the upper part of 66 for almost 18 months. It's high time to do so.  WHAT A GREAT TWISTY ROAD FOR EXPLORING! 

I came across a few "CENTURY FARMS" At one, yes...I stopped to photograph a few out buildings.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Century Farm Out Buildings

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Sign for the Century Farm

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: More outbuildings

You'll find this farm at an area on TN-66 called Stony Gap. TN.-66 is a nice twisting road leading south to RT-11W and back home.  It rises to the mountain tops a few times and descends into the valleys below. The sharp twists and turns will test the experienced rider as well as the new rider.  It's a road worthy of seeing.  Along the way, just before I turned off TN-66 I found this piece of property. It contained so many great shots, but there wasn't a safe place to pull off the road to capture them.  I took the chance here after turning around and I got this great shot.  Best one of the day I think!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMugIMAGE CAPTION: best shot of the day on TN. 66.

It's early, I want to continue to explore new roads, so I turn off on Caney Creek Road.  I didn't know where it would lead, how long it was, or what conditions I would find.  As it turns out, it was rather tame and only lead me to TN-70.  But I did find some cool things here!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Roadside wonder...

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: I'm a fan of Corvettes...

I soon found my way to TN-347 East. I cruised a few back roads, can't remember the names, and I found this great shot!

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
IMAGE CAPTION: Lost roads and forgotten cars

The rest of the the ride home is uneventful...when I rolled into my driveway, I had 173 miles racked up.  It was another great day y'all! 

Now, it's time for YOU to ride some LOST ROADS!
Till next time .... ride well, be well....