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You Guys ROCK!! Thanks (again) for helping out with your pics and making this place grow!

The Norton Junkyard Dog...

Taken in the back shop of out a local salvage yard/bike shop. The owner built this for his girlfriend. As seen in a previous post.

Pure Dirtbike Wanderlust...

Reader Ride. Sweet Triumph Scrambler From Italy.

The pictures are on the small side but the bike is sweet.  Thank You Mario Spatarella

Corey Miller

Corey Miller is a famous tattoo artist.

He is the owner of Six Feet Under tattoo shop, and currently on LA Ink as an ex-employee of Kat Von D's High Voltage Tattoo, and is working for Craig Jackman at American Electric.

Corey Miller's talent is friggin mind blowing. I love Tats, and I really love his artwork.

BTW. Corey rides a Custom. How fitting.

Puch Magnum "Cafe Racer?"

Insane little moped. There was a 2 or 3 year window where I would have killed for a scoot like this.

Motorcycle Helmet Photo Collection

Motorcycle Helmet Photo Collection

Motorcycle helmets are not just for protection. They are also an expression of the personality of the individual that wears it. They are also an art form all of themselves. They can be personalized and decorated in various ways including stickers, stick on decorations, pinstriping and custom paint.

Here is a collection of photos that are helmet related that I have collected from across net. Some are just works of art and are not even DOT approved. Others are humorous and quite entertaining. Then there are professional racing models with custom paint jobs, some very famous. There are also some vintage helmets and replicas of famous helmets from a bygone era. All are beautiful works of art in their own way. 

Ride on,