Reader Ride. A Blue Jewel of a Ducati GTS900

Edward Hessel of Louisville, KY sends in this beautiful (and beautifully photographed) bike.

He Writes:
I am really enjoying the diversity of moto's on your site.
Please find attached a couple of my 78' 900GTS Ducati, thanks and keep up the non- conformity.

A non-conformist huh?  Thanks.  I like that.

Animal tails are cool!

Bimota DB2 Under the Shady Tree...

Very "Unusual" Triumph Street Tracker / Fighter / Whatever?

I keep looking at this bike and wondering why I kinda sorta like it. It's a very strange mix that that has me scratching my head.

5 knees and 3 elbows... Funny video.

Some nutty stuff here.

As long as we're visiting Daytona... Here's a nice XS650 Racer

By Request... The Jay Springsteen Harley Racebike

Had a request from the previous post to see more of the #9 harley in the background. I know I've posted this bike before but I don't get tired of looking at it.

By the way, the Google Search feature and the "word-cloud" really does work pretty well

Random Vintage Honda Racebike From Daytona last March

There's a lot of these I'm yet to post... at least I don't "think" I've posted this one yet...

1965 Triumph T100SC for sale

I hate to do it but the Desert Sled is for sale. Q air filter, Bates seat and pegs, MCM Ekins style exhaust, Webco spare plug holder, Flanders bars, Skid plate, relocated oil filler neck. This is the real deal California desert bike. It's up on ebay right now.

Contact Jedd at for questions or more pics.

Tasty Duck

Bob's Badass Bonneville...

Basic Bonneville turned street tracker with Honda Wheels and seriously upgraded suspension.  I've seen Bob ride this bike and she goes as good as she looks.  The bike's been on here before but this is a better and more recent picture from last May's Riding Into History where he was volunteering. 

Nice Harley...errrr.... Triumph

Don't get me wrong. I'm a big Triumph fan. Still crying over having to sell my '48 T100. Clearly this feller wanted a Harley. I think what he spent accessorizing his Brit Twin he might have been able to buy one!

Things that make you go Hmmmmmm

Today I saw this.

My mind typically goes straight to the gutter when ever allowed to do so.
So I says to myself, "Self, That logo looks more like an E.D. with a little boner than a D.E. doesn't it? And doesn't ED stand for erectile dysfunction anyway? Why yes. Yes it does."

I wonder if they created this logo before Viagra and all of their commercials gained popularity and the term E.D. became a common house hold word.

Things that make you go "HMMMMM".
That's a mouthful!

2nd UPDATE: Suddenly Street Legal! BWM Cafe / Former Racer.

Second Update.  Thanks once again to our very knowledgeable commentators (thanks Tony) I have been informed that this is a creation of Ritmo Sereno (maybe I should try reading the decals on the bikes).  A seriously drool-worthy Japanese base builder of custom European machines.  Here is a direct link to one of the bikes below.   I can't help you with the translation but the pictures speak for themselves.

Update:  A clarification.  As was pointed out in the comments I think it's possible that this is the same bike but not really likely.  They are similar enough to make for an interesting blog entry but probably different rides.  Probably the same builder.  That or they knew (of) each other.

Now it's a racebike....

Add lights and remove the pan and now it's a Cafe... or is it the other way around.   Stunning bike(s) either way.

NOT Sold in the U.S. Bikes We Don't "Get" Here in The U.S.

Over on Motorcycle Daily there's a good blurb today about a beautifully equipped Euro only V-Strom 650. The story covers the usual storyline about Americans and their love of cruisers etc... etc...

The sad fact of the matter is that we don't get them here because we really don't "get" them.

Damm Shame. Missing out on some great bikes that would do very well in Americas wide open spaces.

Exhibit "A":

Beautifully Sculpted Bodywork on this "Espresso" Honda Cafe..

From the Toronto Mods Vs Rockers... Thanks Jim...

A Tough Old Indian

Ducati Monster Sprot bike ; )

Yes. There's and SR4 under there.

Sweet Little Benelli With Engine Pics

A true work of art but it's engines like this that make me glad I'm into 2-strokes. LOL.

Go and Pay Chalopy a Visit!

Chalopy has been knocking it out of the park lately and he has one post in particular  that is LOADED with great vintage pictures!! 

This is a very small taste

Triumph and a Steib for all you sidehack fans

According To The Rumor Mill, Norton is going Racing!

...and not on a small scale either. They're talking MotoGP. Is it possible that the new Rotary has been developed to the point that it could compete in GP? Will the rules even allow for a rotary bike? If not GP can it race in WSB? This should be interesting. Turn up the volume LOUD!

Here are some vids of the new Rotax powered racebike being developed....

And of the original early 90's F1 Rotax bikes warming up.. "Filmed at Bob Mac memorial race meeting at East Fortune on 14/6/09"

Crazy Benelli Sei Cafe Racer.

I mean DAMM! That's like stuffing a big block in a Mini Cooper.

A fantastic Wanderlust series courtesy of Mr. Edward Walker in Colorado.

The very talented and very gracious Mr. Walker is proprietor of the excellent He has  provided some fantastic links to what is a small morsel of his outstanding portfolio.   If you have any taste for Adventure riding,  KTM motorcycles or spectacular photography, do yourself a favor and pay him a visit.  You won't be sorry.

Thank You Sir!

Another Oerdan Bezzi / Motosketches Masterpiece!

Wow!  What a freaking cool concept!  Go to Motosketches for lots more.  He's been posting up a storm lately.

Wanderlust And a Beautiful BMW GSPD.

Photo from ADV Rider Site.

UPDATE: KTM Wanderlust...


Time for some more wanderlust. Like I said a while back, I keep finding great shots like these and I hate to pass them by.

Seeley BSA

An XS 650 YZ Hybrid.

I absolutely love this bike. Like a DR650 only with even more torque!!