Reader Ride. Georgous Kawasaki Z1 Restoration.

Mike sends in these beautiful restoration shots of his well traveled Z1.
He Writes:

Thought I’d send pics of my old baby for your blog …

Brought the bike over with me from the UK. Finally decided to do a complete restore thinking it’d cost about $3k … $10k+ later … couldn’t ride it because she was so very pretty.
Sold it after 500 miles but will forever cherish the personal challenge. Screws were self cleaned and re-plated or re-chromed like stock. All parts powder coated. Engine black coat was baked on in my kitchen oven (yes, I was single!). Basically went through what we all go through when it comes to our toys.

Fantastic Work!  Don't know how you could let a beauty like that go.  Thanks Much!

Reader Submittal. Outstanding Kawasaki H2 Restomod / Rescue

Joe Byrd sends in this fantastic :save: of a classic Kawasaki!  Having been down this road a few times with Kawasaki Triples myself I can attest to what a fantastic job this is.

Joe Writes:

After you posted pix of my H1A and my CR500R, you said to let you know about the next one.

My H2 750 Triple
You can see the before and after;
I purchased the "bike-in-a-box" early last fall with the intent of rebuilding it over the winter.  The build got off to a late start but by June I had it running.

I call it a rebuild and not a restoration because I just wanted a nice looking, nice running H2 to ride, I did not want a bike too nice to ride. I think it has worked out as planned.

Every part needed something. I did all the work myself with the exception  of the powder coating, some machine work (requiring special machines) and applying the paint base coat and clear coat. The painter wanted nothing to do with the decals.

I only bought new parts when I did not have the part or when I could not rebuild the existing part in a satisfactory manner.

I made a lot  parts I did not have or could not get, having access to a machine shop is a great thing.

I seemed like everything that should have taken a minute, took an hour and everything that should have taken an hour, took a week.

I replaced every bearing and seal.  I installed a rebuilt crank  and new pistons in new bores.  It got a new clutch and I had enough transmission parts to build one with minimal wear. And as always, H2 transmissions require careful  shimming.
I have ridden it about 600 miles so far, I have fixed a few nits and niggles. It took a while but now I have the jetting spot on. And it is running  like a strong H2 with no issues.

The first week I had it running, I rode it to a large cruiser extravaganza and entered the 750  in the bike show. Though there were quite a number of metric customs, the H2 won first place in the Asian category!

You Guessed it... Another Stunning Vincent.

Maybe I should just start a code system.  ASV for Vincent, ASMG(Mot Guzzi), ASD (Ducati), ASN (Norton, AST (Triumph) etc...

Although in this case it would be AS"E"V for Egli Vincent.

Norton 850 Commando

A Reminder That The Summer Heat's Not All Bad! LOL!

CB360T.... The Finished product.

This is the finished product of yesterdays mock-up bike. If you're interested you can find the build thread HERE . Not to be a dick but I kind of prefer the high pipes. Might have been totally impracticable though. I've played around with similar styles of pipes and unless you like wearing asbestos pants there often is just no way you can do it.

Honda CB360T Mockup...

I like it!

Reader Submittal. Stunner Of An Ariel Square Four From Ted Guthrie.

Ted wrote about this Vintage Days Beauty:

The Ariel club's display included this beauty. This group was also just set up in the swap meet. Note all the congestion behind the Square Four, which is typical of Vintage Days - just tons and tons of fantastic old bikes and parts.

Reader Ride. A Badass 1978 Honda Hawk 400T Bobber. Yes. You Read That Correctly....

If you've followed this blog for a while you'll know that I just love builds like this.  Ted Brecheisen sends in more proof that you don't need big bucks to build a fantastic bike.   I used to own a stocker as a kid.  Never imagined it could look like this!

Ted Writes:

Great blog site. Love your two stroll one also. Have 2 excellent RD350's (stockers)
Here are a couple of pics of a 78' Honda Hawk 400t the we did over the winter. It was a throw away we retrieved and started chopping. It's low budget but cam out pretty good. The swing arm has be extended 4" to get a little more wheelbase. The front old Goodyear DT dirt track tire was the start of the inspiration to head to the dirt track look. Tank is a 88 Yamaha Virago 250, license plate bracket is two 5hp Briggs connecting rods. Handle bars awe from a Yamaha ATV. Rides great and has good handling manners. Cheap fun!


Ted Brecheisen

Awesome Ted. Thanks! And if you get a chance I'd love to see those RD350's! Always in the hunt for good 2-stroke pics for the other site!

Reminder To The Race Fans! Laguna Seca Moto GP This Sunday!

Be Sure and Tune in!  Should be a great race!

Nice CX500 Turbo Resto.... from the Land of Disco!

 Mike Skelton sends in another beauty.
He Writes:

This is a 1982 CX500 Turbo my restoration buddy Ed @ Cycle Treasures just finished. It was running when he got it, but just barely. A full service, some fuel injection foibles repaired and fresh paint were in order to arrive at the finish you see here.

The unit has less than 12000 miles on it.

Brother Ed is also quite skilled at polishing and painting with a 12oz spray can. He has taught me a few tricks using a rattle can and a secret process to make $6.00 worth of paint really look good!

A few Ebay bits here and there, and viola! Fini!

Wanderlust.. An Alaskan Ural.

Reader Submittal. Outstanding suzuki GT750 Restomod.

Ken Fontenot of Cyclesports Houston sends in their latest masterpiece.  one of these days I'm going to have to buy myself a nice GT.  They're starting to grow on me.

 Ken writes:

Here is a custom restoration we did on a '72 Suzuki GT750. The bike came in to us all apart in boxes and had been that way for several years. Actually there were two frames and parts from two different bikes, a '72 and a '73.

Instructions from the owner were that he hated chrome and wanted a nice bike that looked like a stock one but with nice mods that would make it a better bike, no outrageous custom, wanted to keep it very conservative looking, using the '72 frame.

We did a complete inspection of all the parts and pulled all the best stuff out and started the project. First off we took ALL the chrome peices and sent them to the powdercoaters for a nice aluminum coating, fenders and all. We also sent the '72 frame, electrical box, side & center stands and had them coated in gloss black. In lue of the chrome rims we ordered a set of aluminum excell rims and stainless spokes from Buchanan's, the hubs were also aluminum coated. We had Jemco exhaust systems right down the street from us build a set of there 3 into one nickel plated chambers. All the painted items were stripped and painted aqua Blue, same as the stock color for '72 but left off all the stripes. The instruments were sent off and were completely refurbished. We also ordered a set of black XR750 flat track bars from Flanders.

We had two engines so we took both completely apart and used all the best parts to make one. Crankshaft was sent to Bill Bune Enterprises for a complete rebuild and truing with all new bearings and seals. We also got new first over pistons & rings, bored the cylinders and painted the cases satin black. All the engine covers were either polished or painted hi-gloss black. All fasteners were replaced with polished stainless allens.

Carbs were also stripped and painted, bodies satin black, covers & bowls hi-gloss black and rejetted for the chambers and K&N pod style air filters instead of the stock airbox. All cables, hoses & fuel lines were replaced with new.

We had a '73 disc front bake setup as well as the '72 Double leading Drum. We knew the Disc would probably work better but just couldn't get away from the cool good looks of the Double leading setup, all new shoes and bearings of course.

New Footpeg rubber, seat, front fork boots, as well as grips were aquired and installed. New tapered roller bearings on the steering stem, progressive springs and new progresive shocks and bronze swingarm bushings renewed the suspension and worked much better than the stock componets. For tires we found a set of new K-70 dunlops for that retro look.

The bike has won awards at local shows and is ridden by its owner Greg Owen every chance he gets. The bike really handles great, is very comfortable, and runs exceptionally well. Those Jemco Chambers give it a very nice growl and sitting there at idle its music to the ears! We love the old Two strokes!

Thanks for Your consideration!

Ken Fontenot
Cycle Sports Ltd of Houston
9802 Clay Rd
Houston, Texas 77080

Thanks for the great pics Ken!

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Reder Submittal. A sweet Husqvarna 400 Cross. One more from Ted Guthrie.

Ted Writes:

There were lotsa cool, old Huskys in their display tent, but this old mx'er is the one which really did it for me. A perfect, recent resto? Maybe, but check out those tires. They're OLD, man. This bike wears its age proudly.

Thanks Ted!

Reader Submittal. A stunning pair of Honda's

Thanks To Ted Guthrie for the pics!

He Write:
Two incredibly perfectly restored early-60's Japanese twins. Note the blue seat on the Honda. Rather than a formal display, these bikes, along with most of those shown in these pictures were just scattered about the swap meet.

Hey Hey Hey!!! 300K!!

Got hit number 300,000 sometime last night!  

Once again  Thanks For Stopping By!

Reader Ride. One BADA$$ Yamaha XT500 Vintage MX'er!

John From North Texas Writes in:

Not all Yamaha XT500's are destined to become flat track racers or street trackers.

I race this bike with the local vintage MX club here in North Texas.

Damm John, that looks like a heluva good time! Thanks Much!

A very Strange Bike. The "Beezerker"

A very Skinny BSA

Now you see it...

Now you don't...

Reader Ride. As Long As We're On a Classic Honda Theme... Another sweet CB77!

Thanks to John for this beauty. He's also known as the legendary Jehu in certain circles.

Thank You Sir! For the pics and all the great material!

Reader Ride. Honda Cafe Bobber ... er... Something. I Like It!!

Reader Aaron dux sends in this cool "Hybrid" build.

He Writes:

This is how my Honda 305 build came out. Not sure what category its in ( cafe,bobber.etc) but i like it. Thanks for the great web page
1965 Honda cb77/cl77/cb160
a mix of mid 60's Honda parts

Update From the Comments Section: Suzuki T500 Cafe.

Hi Steve.....we are flattered that you like this bike. It was built by us, (Paul and Tim), at Titan Performance in Kent in the UK. We specialize in 500 cafe racers, and the parts needed to put a bike like this together. Take a look at our website and lots more pictures, on
best regards Paul.

Reader Ride. Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro. A Stunning restoration From Our Old Friend Ted Guthrie.

Haven't heard from Ted in a while so I thought he might be up to something... and sure enough... here's his beautiful restoration on a Moto Beta 125 Premier Enduro that he finished just in time for the Mid Ohio Vintage Days event. I have GOT to get up there one of these years dammit.


And here is the before pictures.  I mean holy smokes that a nice restoration.  Really well done there Ted.  thanks for sharing it.