Another suprising milestone....

Took a look today at the site stats and noticed that the it's averaged just over one thousand hits a day for the last month (well few months really but it totaled out evenly this month). In my wildest dreams I never imagined it would ever get rolling like this. With all the reader contributions lately I feel like it's as much your site as mine. So keep em coming folks! And Thanks Again!

Reader Submittal. Honda Exotica. NSR250SP

I've got a few very regular contributors to the board and Mike Skelton is cementing himself as one of the best. Today he sends in this drippingly exotic Honda NSR 250 SP.

Mike Writes:


A friend that I have known for 30+ years emailed me and told me that he had sold his 1993 Honda NSR250SP on Ebay, one of 900 made. Originally a Japanese model only, somehow it got registered in the states years ago and my friend has owned it for 8.5 years. It needed to go so he could finish restoring his Lotus.

I HAD to get some pictures for MPOTD, and I shot them in the large format that you request. The new owner has 6 other motorcycles, only one a 4 Stroke, and he races a RD400. From Virginia I think.

Note the original dealer decal on the tail section.
Enjoy and post away!
When do I get my MPOTD Contributing Photographer hat?? lol!

Mike if it was a paying job I'd give you a raise! Maybe we need to start thinking about hat and T-shirts for our "field corespondents"!! Hmmmm... I'm going to give that some serious thought. Stay tuned!

Reader Ride.1966 Superhawk!

Thanks to John for sending in this beauty!

A Guzzi, a biplane and a snoring mechanic.

How can one woman simultaneously satisfy 12 men?

Check this out! Those are huge! Now that's my kinda gal!

Reader Submittal. XS650 Cafe From Bogota.

Very Nice! He Writes:

Hello my name is Camilo Pinzon Im a motorcycle designer from Bogota,Colombia, Im starting my business down here, Love cafe racers and bobbers this is my first proyect, hope you like it, I have more bikes will send you pictures soon.


Wanderlust in the desert..

Ultra Rare Gillette Roadracer. Update #2

This is a direct copy of a post of a very unique bike from over on my 2-stroke biker blog. I found it interesting so I thought I'd put it up over here.

I've googled and really not found much. What is this cool little bike?

2nd update from a poster on ADV rider:
I remember seeing this bike in a magazine in the early 80s. As I recall the frame is from a Gilera and the engine is made from 3 Mobylette moped engines hence the name Gil/ette. The builder thought this was a great name as the Gilette shaving people had just brought out their 3 blade razor.

UPDATE: From the comments section, Andy in Melbourne writes in:

Hi, I met the bloke who built this bike in 1991 on the Isle of Man. It was late one night and I was staggering up the beachfront at Douglas and i almost stumbled onto this little Gem. I asked what it was and when he said a Gillette 150 I was most amazed. in 30 years of riding I had not heard of a Gillette, but that was because this is the only one ever built by this man, whos name from memory was Dave Gillette. He made the crankcases and the 3 cylinders and heads are the power heads from chainsaws from memory and so 3 X 50cc. =150cc. It was as pretty in the flesh ( what I could see , it was Very late) and I have never forgotten. what a great treat to se this amazing little bike again
Andy in Melbourne

Thank You sir for the heads up. I was really stumped on this one. Great Stuff!

Flat Tracker PrOn...

Wiley De and Sam Elliott Comparison

Some of you know who this is.
Left half of the photo snagged from Dave Mickelson's Facebook Photos.

Was someone blow drying Willey's hair? Was he moving a a great clip?. He looks like he means business!

Boneyard.... Just a cool shot.

Not mine. Saw it over on Adv Rider.

Bultaco Alpina!

Is anyone else having trouble seeing the photo?  It seems to be coming through fine an all my browsers.  Thanks.

Thank You to Dogtown Cycles for this stunning Bultaco.One of my favs!


Ride to Live, Live to Ride.

I saw a Harley Davidson dealership billboard today.
It said "Grab Life by the Handlebars".
I'd Never heard that one before.
Thought it was mighty cool.

Vintage KTM Lust..

Isle Of Man TT Race Videos. WOW!

Went looking for some new IOM vids and found this.

Dim the lights. Turn up the volume LOUD and set it to full screen. Holy $#!t!!!

Update to Earlier Guzzi Post....

I received an e-mail in response to this post (2 posts down) from the builder to inform me...  Well here's what he wrote:
Hi ,
Somebody placed my Guzzi on your blog as picture of the day. (ED: I found it on ADV Rider)
Well that was a picture taken long it looks like this and its still a work in progress.
We have steepend the headstock 2 degrees,
Modified a 6 inch aprila wheel to 5,7 inch for perfect alignment.
Removed injection i favor of 42mm mikunis
MV Agusta front end with bespoke fork bottoms for radial calipers ect ect ect.
Now iIm adding a aircraft oil temp and pressure gauge in the tank... it never stops
Have a look here:
Hope u like it
Regards from Holland

Wow!  Thanks Very Much for the Information, the Picture and the Link to your Guzzi forum thread.  Fantastic!

Fairly Radical XT600 Cafe Racer.

Saw this over on Ottonero. (please check him out). That thing is bitchin! Everyone who kicks areound with thumpres generall agree that these big singles are a freaking blast and as a DR650 owner this gives me expensive thoughts.

CX500 Cafe Racer. More proof that You don't Need Big $$ For A Cool Bike.

For more info on the build see this ADV Rider Post HERE

The Before Pic!

Just Another Stunning Norton ...

While I'm NOT an authority I'd say this one looks very well sorted out with upgraded air filter, brakes, carb and no doubt ignition.

Tough Little Honda Cafe

Interesting topic over on The Rider Files...

Best American Racers by Decade.  Check it out and weigh in.  Most are hard to debate but some of them....

Link to thread Click  HERE

KTM Wanderlust at the Grand Canyon

Mor from the ADV thread Here.

Ducati 750-F1

Some World Ducati Weekend shots...

Found these on madadam desmo's gallery over on Picassa.  Fantastic Stuff!