Reader Ride. Very Nice DT175 Restoration.

 Mike Stratton Sends in this beauty of a restoration. I especially appreciate the "before and after" style of the pics. Very nice resto. When I was a younger (and lighter) lad I seriously lusted after one of these.

Mike writes:
Hey I stumbled across your site and really liked it! Thanks for your work on it! Here is my 1978 DT175E That I restored. Hopefully you will like it enough to put the pics on your site! (Bragging rights for me to my friends!) Anyway Thanks again.

My pleasure Mike. Brag away!

Reader Ride.

Jon sends in his former Triton.

He writes:

Built this a few years back - now sold and the new owner put it back to a 'standard' Triton, you know, Gold Star pipes and plain old 2 seater with a hump and he scrapped the fairing - oh well...

(an Englishman living in Australia)

I'd have to see it now but it seems to me that this would be hard to improve on. If you know the new owner ask him to send in a current picture just for fun. Cheers!

Link to 2010, 11'th annual Deals Gap 2-Stroke Rally Photos!

Click the Photo for a slideshow. Enjoy!

Just returned from the 11'th annual Deals Gap 2-Stroke rally!

I just got in and I'm exhausted from a fantastic week of 2-stroking in the Carolina / Tennessee mountains around Deals Gap. Outstanding week of riding and fun. More to follow. Please stay tuned!

My favorite Norton. The 850 Commando.

Wicked Harris Framed Custom

Sorry... I don't have any specific info on this build...

Sweet Norton.

A guy I know built this for his girlfriend..

Reader Ride. A rare 1971 T120RV, a 5 speed Bonneville.

This in from Dogtown Cycles.  They write:

A rare T120RV, a 5 speed Bonneville from 1971 with matching engine and frame numbers. The T120RV was released in the US in 1972, to permit Triumph to use them in American Motorcycle Association production-based racing.  But a few were imported in late model year 1971.  In order to race, all bikes had to be made and sold to the public in the same basic form as they would be raced. To meet this requirement Triumph had to produce and sell 200 of them before they qualified.

The Engine/Frame number, T120RV GE25619 is coded as follows:  The 'T120R denotes this is a 650cc Bonneville, 'R' for a road bike, the 'V' five speed. The first 'G' in the engine and frame number represents June and the 'E' is for 1971 production.  As you can see it has the original and correct Triumph logo printed behind the engine serial number, for 1969 and later models.

With the exception of the stamping on the engine case, there were no external differences between the 4- and 5-speeds. They had the same final drive ratios and sprockets, and the 5-speeds were significantly quicker.

This bike has been completely rebuilt with less than 100 miles since. The engine was thoroughly gone through with a new valve job, guides, rings (std.), main & rod bearings (std.), gaskets, seals,etc. HPC coated TT pipes with removeable internal baffles. It was upgraded with a 1973 disc brake front end with resurfaced rotor, new seals/fluid and polished lower legs.  New Marzocchi shocks at the rear. It has like-new  4.00 x 19 Street Tracker tires front and rear on excellent original rims and spokes.

Honda RC162 Replica.

For those of you who read MotoKafe... Some Mixed news...

Please see the link: HERE

Please stop by and wish him well. I've really enjoyed visiting his site and he could definitely use some encouragement.

Yamaha and Triumph. A Serious Set of Street Trackers from RIding Into History.

And not to mention those sick custom billet track-stands!! I mean Damm!

Stunner of a Kawasaki KZ900 For Sale...

A good friend of mine is selling his fantastic Kawasaki KZ900. It's located in Jacksonville, Florida. I've ridden it and it's ridiculously fun and fast. Recently rebuilt engine and a serious looker. Bike just never gets ridden so he's selling. I would definitely buy it myself but I can't offer him nearly what it's worth. If you're interested let me know and I'll put you in touch.

And for the record, No I've never done this before and I only do it for people that I've known for 30 years or longer so please don't get after me to list your bike unless you're one of those dozen or so people.. Peace.

MV Agusta 750S

For more on this model SEE HERE.

Riding into History Show and I had the wrong Camera... Brough Superior. Arial Square Four. Vincent. Triumph

Next few days will be some of the better posts from the local Riding Into History Motorcycle Concourse in St Augustine Florida. Sadly, I packed the wrong lower resolution camera so my pics are not as sharp as I'd usually hope for. A little post processing seems to have given them some usefulness though. Here's some of the first pics I snapped. I was an perfect day and an outstanding event. 

FYI: If you want to see the whole album go to the "Links to full albums" page at the top of this blog and there are links to this album as well as most of the rest of my pics.  Enjoy!