Reader submittal. Kawasaki Wayne Gardner "Moriwaki" Replica!

A reader with some serious skills (who wishes to remain anonymous) has sent in some of his OUTSTANDING build pics!! First off his Wayne Gardner Moriwaki Replica! For a little background on the original beastthat this bike was based on please take a look HERE. What an awesome machine and what a great replica.

The next 3 days will feature his AMAZING bikes so please stay tuned!

And thank you very much sir for these fantastic photographs.

2009 Frost Your Nuts Run. All you need to know right here. All Info. was verified W/ Mallalieu Bar in North Hudson, Wisconsin


Does this involve running?

I sure as Hell hope not, Cause I plan on riding me motorsickle.
It's a motorcycle ride Dummy!

When is the 2009 Minnesota - Wisconsin Frost your nuts run?

Saturday, October 10th, 2009

Where is the Minnesota - Wisconsin 2009 Frost Your Nuts Run Starting Point?

The run gathers in the morning. People start showing up to hang around pretty early; roughly 10:00 A.M. or earlier. The run leaves the Mallalieu Bar in staggard groups randomly as early as 10:30 A.M. t0 noon.

Where is the Mallalieu Bar?

North Hudson, Wisconsin.

For those using GPS, wanting the actual Street Address of the Mallalieu Bar, it is:
414 Wisconsin St. N.
N. Hudson, Wisconsin

Should you need to contact the bar, the Ph# is (715) 386-8165.

SOA review not done yet

In case some of yuo were wondering...I never even got to watch the show last night. Work got the better of me. I was up till around 11:00 P.M. doing paperwork. I recorded it though, and will try to watch it sometime today/tonight, and post something on it for recap-review tomorrow, or possibly later on today/tonight.

Till then,

Chemical engineering

I have a little secret most of you probably didn’t know about me. I don’t mean to boast, but felt it was time to share with some of you who have been reading my blog quite some time now that I started studying this quite early on in life and have been fortunate enough to have gained a chemical engineering background.

With this being said; One of the things I enjoy most is converting beer, wine, whisky, brandy, and other similar liquids into a chemical compound mixture of H2O (NH2), 2CO (urea), NaCl (sodium chloride), and a number of other dissolved salts and organic compounds, which is my friends, "Urine".

Good day and cheers mates!


I’d stay and chat, but I gotta go, gotta go, gotta go right now.

Is it Friday yet??

Really nice 1982 Suzuki GS1100E

On of the bikes on my personal "all time" list.

Sweet little Sportster scrambler..

Reader Submittal.

Recieved a fantastic link today from custom bike builder Jean Fran├žois Vicente. Shame on me for not knowing about him He does amazing work!

He Writes:
I have been hand building one off special bikes for fifteens years.. inclosed are some samples. Take a look at
Jean Fran├žois Vicente

Merci Beaucoup Jean Francois!

Knocking me on my ass. More money out of my wallet.

My engine is making Loud noises at normal operating temperatures only. It's time for me to get some new lifters. I read that if a lifter develops a loud noise when engine is at normal operating temperature, but is quiet when engine is below normal temperature, it indicates an excessively fast leak down rate or scored lifter plunger, and it is then recommended to recondition or replace lifters.

Well folks this is what I've got to do this winter. While the bike will be disassembled, since I don't have adjustable pushrods, I will be adding some S&S adjustables and covers as well. And well you know the foot bone is connected to the ankle bone is connected to the shin bone.

They say when you change your cams, you have to change the lifters. It doesn't necessarily hold true vise versa, but isn't a bad idea. Besides, if you were ever going to do the cams, now is the time, since I'm already going to be in there adding Jim's tappits right? The adjustables will allow me to do this kind of thing in the future without having to take the top end apart. Hopefully, I won't need to get back in there after this one for quite some time, but you never know. Now is the time to add an ounce of prevention incase something like this happens again down the road. I guess I look at it as insurance. If I never need it great. If I do, great. Additionally, by adding these S&S parts & Jim's lifters (tappits), I'll not only be able to get rid of the damn knock, I'll gain a bit of performance as well. I guess this means I need to custom paint something for someone quick to help support my habit.

Yamaha R5 Cafe Racer and Friday Eye Candy!

Really nice Yamaha R5 Cafe Racer... and friends. Really creative build. There's a great build thread over HERE on the 2 Stroke World Board . Check it out!

The Barry Sheen Yamaha... coming full circle!

A year or so ago when I started this little hobby I didn't really have a lot of material to work with so I figured I start out with what I had. The best pics I had were all 2-strokes (my first love) so I posted a really excellent picture of Barry Sheen's Yamaha GP bike. I thought it was a TZ750 but it was really a YZR500. Anyway, since then I've come a long way and made some great online friends who've contributed most of the best stuff on here.

Well today has come full circle (so to speak) because I was sent some excellent pictures from my favorite new blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent stusshotes blog. Low and behold what do I find in my e-mail! God I do love this bike.

But even after reading up on it a bit I still find it hard to think of Barry Sheen on a Yamaha. Here's one of his rides on the crispy side after a wreck.
He was such an icon on those Suzuki's that my minds eye can't see him on much else. But then again Rossi started wining on a Honda and now he's with Yamaha himself so I guess times aren't that different after all.. LOL

Son's Of Anarchy Season 2 episode 3 review

SOA Season two Episode 3 starts off with Bobby doing his Elvis impersonation singing gig at aBar mitsvah . Bobby and Clay are talking and Bobby is bitchin about having to do these. Clay asks him why he is then. Bobby tells Clay that he needs the money with all the debt he accrued while in jail. Clay tells Bobby that with his bad shoulder from the gunshot he isn't much good in the garage, so why doesn't he take over the books for the new porn partnership. Clay makes this decision for the club without asking for a vote, or even asking Jax. This puts even more separation between Clay and Jax. Ultimately for the good of the club and for Bobby, Jax ends up being O.K. with the decision. Bobby asks Jax if things are gonna be O.K. because there is a lot of uprising tension and confrontation between him and Clay. A lot of the guys are worried. Jax assures Bobby that it will all be O.K., it's just father son shit.

Gemma and Clay haven't had sex since Gemma was gang raped. They aren't even getting along. The tension between them grows until there is a fight in the parking lot of the new porn studio for all to witness. See, the thing is, Clay has no idea Gemma was gang raped, and doesn't see what is so dang hard to get over a car accident. Gemma and Tara confide in each other about this. Gemma tells tara it ain't the puss, it's her head. A bit later Gemma is at the garage in the office and in walks Sheriff Unser. He wants to know how Gemma is doing. He starts talking about a confidential therapy group for victims of sexual assault. Gemma blows him off, and he leaves. Not a split second later, and in walks Tig from an open back door. We are lead to assume that he heard about the sexual assault therapy group, but he never says anything about it to anyone the entire episode. We'll have to wait and see later on if he did indeed hear it or not, and what he will do with the information if he did hear it.

Luanne has a melt down about Bobby doing books. We find out why a bit later in the show. Bobby find out and confronts her in the fact that she has been skimming from the beginning. Nothing happens with this yet either. Bobby says he will bring it to the club and what happens will be a club decision. Luanne tries to buy him off with promises of paying back every dime, and we can also assume that she has sex with him as well. They don't show it. Yet again another thing left hanging for us to find out in later episodes where they will take us with this. Damn, they do a good job of weaving the web of cliff hangers.

Ethan Zobel confronts Deputy Hale and tries to convince him to deliberately allow drugs, and drug dealing into Charming to create a temporary problem which will allow him to flush out a permanent one, (SOA). You see, the citizens of charming practically worship SAMCRO because they keep Charming free of drugs and drug dealings. To allow them in would give Charming citizens a reason not to want, or feel they don't need SAMCRO anymore.

SAMCRO finds some drug deals going on in Charming and wants to put a stop to it. They pressure one of the drug dealers into telling them where the crack house / meth lab is. Then they holding a club meeting and decide to keep themselves from liability they won't blow up the crack house, they will let the law handle this one. Jax talks to Hale, and Clay talks to Unser. It appears here that they are pitting the two against each other. We'll yet again have to wait and see. Hale goes out to the house tipped off by Jax, and Hale runs into Ernest Darby at the Crack house / meth lab. He and Darby talk. Darby gives him an envelope with a "rather large" gift certificate to one of Zobels Cigar shops. Hale takes it. Shortly after, he calls Jax and tells him the house is nothing. Jax knows otherwise. The club goes there that night and shoots the place up and then blows it to kingdom come. Just before it blew we got a shot of the guys talking and asking who had the remote to detonate the explosives. They said we aren't using one. Then we see Opie running out of the house and a split second later it blows. Opie gets tossed into the air pretty far, but is unharmed.

Jax and opie are talking at a party at the clubhouse and Jax asks Opie if he has a death wish. He talks about the explosion and the carving of the anarchy "A" on the Mayans chest/stomach. Opie says he's fine.

From the very beginning of the episode we find Tara is being confronted by one of the porn stars and that she has the hots for Jax. She is clearly trying to take him away from Tara. The show ends with another confrontation at the clubhouse and Tara and Jax are doing the nasty when the porn star walks in on them.

This was where we left off. This was clearly a packed episode. Can't wait for more!

As always, I would love to hear you chime in with anything you feel I might have missed, got wrong, or just want to chime in and say you loved it.

Really Nice Sportster Cafe Racer.

This bike is so cleanly built that it makes me wonder why Harley doesn't just build something similar. A tank, a seat, a stylish pipe, some clipons and smaller gauges and presto! Instant follow up to the XLCR. Hell they could even use the XR1200 engine and give it some go.

Nahh... makes too much sense.

Sweet Reader Ride. 1982 Custom Katana.

Reader Steve Adams sends in the pis of his fantastic 1982 Katana.

Steve Writes:
Hi,Just happened upon your blog, some cool bikes on there! Heres my 1982 Suzuki Katana with loads of mods (can you spot them?) it took 18 months to build, what do you think?

Judging by the upsidedown forks, the swingarm, the Ohlins shocks, the brakes, the very trick looking pipe and what is no doubt extensive engine mods.... I think that it's the nicest Katana I've ever seen!

Really fantastic work!! Thanks for the pics!

One SICK Triumph Tracker.

Royal Enfield Interceptor. My Favorite British Classic.

Out of all the great British classics my favorite hands down doesn't come from Norton or Triumph or even Brough or Vincent. It's the Royal Enfield Interceptor. I've never ridden one but in the looks department its the cream of the crop for me. The perfect balance of chrome, posture and line. For more on the bike check out the Motorcycle article HERE

Classic Kawasaki Flat Trackers. Carry over post from my 2-stroke site...

Like I've said before sometimes I get stuff over on my 2-stroke blog that's just too good not to "cross-over" to here. Hope ya don't mind..

My new favotite blogger Mike Stuhler of the excellent STUSSHOTS blog sends in these fantastic pics of a bike I've been enamoured with for years. I've actually posted a small grainy version of that beautiful green and white tracker somewhere on here before but it was a really rough shot. These come straight from the source and the detail is revealing. Reverse cylinder top end, big gulping roundslides, nicely tucked in chamber and some sweet fab work.

Mike Writes:

Hey Steve- Here are a few shots for you that might be of interest to you.Back in late 74/early 75 Erv Kanemoto--who went on to tune World Championship teams for Spencer, Lawson, Gardner, Kocinski and several other somewhat well-known racers, put together a couple of H2 triples for flat tracking, in the hopes of trying to compete against the upcoming and omni-present XR750 onslaught that was about to overtake and dominate American Class C flat track as it was known in the day.Kanemoto was a genius in putting together some of the finest, let alone fastest bikes of the day. This particular little gem of a project involved a Champion frame, Ceriani front end w/ what I believe were Akront aluminum rims. The mags were just starting to be regarded as enough of a weight and time savings, but only a few guys were running them, hence the standard spoke rims. As you can see he ran both on this sweet little piece. I'm not familiar enough with the technical aspects of what he did do in the way of porting/polishing this jewel, but it was pretty much a rocket ship. But, like the TZ that Roberts won Indy with--a week later after the Terre Haute shots attached were taken--they just wouldn't hook up on a dirt track real well. And the power band on these were even more of a lightswitch then even the TZ turned out.But man, if you were a 2 stroke head, and I definitely was and still am, these things sounded wicked.These shots attached were a few I took that historical week. Donnie Castro was just out of a contract from the Yamaha super team as they went it alone with KR that first year. So Erv enlisted Donnie at several races--Terre Haute, Indy, and Syracuse--on the eastern swing, and also had Scott Brelsford at Syracuse as well. Neither qualified in at any of those races that I remember.I've attached some shots of Donnie and the H2. The color shot is from TH and in the far left you can see the brim of Castro's hat, and the dude in the sunglasses is former #9, Gary Nixon. The others are of Donnie at TH and Indy during practice/time trials--again in August '75. I've got some other b/w shots of both DC and Brelsford from Syracuse, but I'll save those for another time and another surprise!

Can't Wait! I always wondered about the timing of these bikes in relation to King Kenny's dream machine. I can only dream what THAT matchup would have sounded like. Thanks Very Much for filling in the history on these awesome rides.