Stunning BMW R80 Racebike

Just speaks for itself really.. Damm..

The new and improved Moto Retro Magazine!

Just got an email from Mitch Boehm that included and image of the new (and about-to-be-released) Moto Retro Magazine. For those of you who don't know, his previous effort "Motorcyclist Retro Magazine" went down to tough economic decisions that sadly had nothing to do with the quality of the product. So Mitch has branched out on his own and is continuing as a more self published entity. For now it's subscription only but it promises to be a very high quality product. I have all three copies of his previous venture and I can't recomment it highly enough. For more info.... Check it out HERE!

A TZ750 in an flattracker in an SR500 Frame? Hoooly Shhhhieteee...

That ought put the test to thae frame.. Georgous build though!

Pet Cock Tip....errr, I mean here's a petcock tip

Ha! got your attention. No this is not pornographic. It is the part of a non fuel injected, or carburated bike that controls your fuel flow.
Off, Run and Reserve are the three positions. O.K., Still sounds kind of pornographic talking about three positions. Stay with me, there is a point cumming, I mean coming.

While in Colorado on storm duty, I was on my way back to the airport rental to return my rental vehicle. It was about 97 degrees, with no breeze, and no clouds. I spotted a guy on the side of the freeway sitting on a guard rail next to his motorcycle. He was not on the phone, and not doing anything, which led me to believe he might need a hand. (Of course I stopped).

I asked, "Are you just resting, or is the bike giving you trouble?"

He said, "I'm out of gas."

Me,"I gotta ask the obvious, how bout the reserve?"

Him, "I tried it. No gas. Won't start."

Me, "Let me run through the scenarios. Were you riding, realized you ran out of gas, and hit reserve, and ran that out too?"

Him, "No."

Me, " You had it on reserve when you left, not realizing you were on reserve, and drained all of the gas?"

Him, "No, I ran out of gas, coasted to this spot here, turned on the reserve and tried to start it a couple of times. It won't start, so there must not be any gas."

Me, "There's gotta be enough gas in there to get you about 20 miles or so. You have a pressurized petcock. You need to give your throttle about two to three full turns while the bike is off, hit the choke, and she should start right up. Mind if I give it a try?"

Him, "Sure, go ahead."

I gave it a try, and she fired right up.

Him, "Thanks a million! You are a life saver. Where the hell were you 45 minutes ago?"

I followed him to the Airport area nearest gas station, and was then on my way home.

I posted this story not to boast about what I did for this guy, but to share a little knowledge for those of you who might not already know this. Hopefully I can save someone else the headache of thinking they are screwed when they are really just fine.

Happy trails!

More Norton cafe ra... err scratch that.. Racebike porn...

More Triumph Scrambler Porn... :) UPDATE...

Update... Forgot this pic. Best angle of the three.

Found this on an Italian website.. (sorry lost the link but I'll go look again). God do they ever "get it"..

Rocky Mountain High

My absence can be explained yet again by storm duty. I've just recently returned from a tour of storm duty, handling tornado and hail claims from Colorado. Within about one months period of time there have been over 9 significant storms. Several of which had tornados and all that produced hail. It seems ironic to be sitting in your vehicle writing up a hail damage estimate for someone's home or auto while it is hailing at that very moment. It's happened to me once. I've also been on an auto "drive in" assignment once where as we were driving to the drive in location it hailed on the vehicle we were driving three different times.

This time handling hail claims in Colorado there was a tornado one night within a neighboring city to where I was staying at. It too produced lots of damaging winds and hail. This is crazy shit. I'm glad to be home. I only hope I can stay here. Hopefully they won't need me again for awhile. Maybe I can actually get caught up on some of your blogs.

Anyway, I didn't have much time to really get out and see the sights so much, which really bums me out, because it is such a beautiful place. While on storm duty you work a minimum 12 hour day. This leaves no time for anything else but to eat, sleep and shit. Sometimes you feel like all you do is eat, sleep and shit hail. The Rockies are truly breathtaking. At times while driving along from one home to the next, I'd get beautiful glimpses, but no place to really take the photos that would do the Rockies justice, because, well, work got in the way and so did the other moving cars flying by on the freeways.

I got one shitty picture while driving. That's it. Oh, and my camera's zoom sucks, especially while driving down the freeway.

I did get an interesting set of photos that I thought I'd share.

Nice trailer huh?. See anything interesting?
(I altered the picture so you don't really see.)
Yup, That is a mighty big trailer for a motorcycle.
Another angle to show you that the bike is truly pulling that thing.

Oh wait is that actually a Fido in that trailer????? WTF! I thought it was kind of cool, and yet at the same time, kind of cruel. I got mixed feelings on this one. Keeping in mind it was in the middle to upper 90's. Although at the same time as much as I love to ride, and as much as I love my dog, and he loves me, It would be nice to take him with me sometimes.
Ain't he cute?

Scroll back two pictures and look at the guys checking this out.

More great stuff from David Martin. IOM "Works" Norton Commando.

I don't exactly know the story behind this one (anyone?) but this picture stopped me cold. Talk about rolling sculpture. Thank you once agaim Mr Martin!

Triumph Bonneville??? Yep! Under there somewhere.

A VERY radical and highly modified modern Bonneville.

Rotary Val... err... correction... ROTARY ENGINE Norton Racebike

Corrected by an alert reader. Thanks Justin! You know I actually knew that but I'm such a 2-stroke junkie that I had rotary valve on the brain... LOL

The last 15 seconds of this video make me lightheaded... DAMM!

Another fine Virago Cafe Racer...

I havn't exactly made it a secret that I think these are fooking cool. Here's another fine example with some build pics. I found this over at the always interesting www.CafeRacer.Ca

The Before pic...

Kick Ass XS650 Cafe Racer

Man these are nice..

Reader Ride... Trickalicious Tracker.

Damm this looks like fun... Check out the build HERE!

Saw this over on MotoChimp..

Can't stop staring at it...

Moto Morini Scrambler

Very droolworthy...

Sa this BMW cafe over at Ottonero...

Even if you can't speak the language you'll know what he's "saying"... Check him out every day

AJS and a Haiku

grinder stone looked cracked
knee swelling should go down soon
last bolt was stubborn

Motorcycle Haiku..

cleaned gunk out of tank
bike starts then cough spittle wheeze
must clean the pilots

Join in if you're bored..

This is like staring at a slow moving train wreck but I can't help myself.

Update to earlier post. Again From Adv Rider

Found the guys business card............Sidewinders..........Tom Novak 53410 E. Hwy. 60 Miami AZ.Milepost 236 "At the top of the world" He has some cool T-shirts.tom sent me a couple photos of a recent build..............

Vietnam Intersection... Dizzying!

Found this great urban videoon a NEW THREAD over at ADV Rider

I'm totally freaking speechless on this one

This is a copy from an Advnture Rider thread I stumbled across. Now this is some wild freaking stuff. Backyard V8... errr....Choppers? Customs? Judge for yourself...

"I was passing this guys place last spring in AZ. and the TIRE caught my eye...had to go back and check it out.

I had a business card from the guy but missplaced it....He has a little cafe a few miles out of Globe AZ. on the mtn. pass. Has a shop adjacent to the little cafe...real nice guy. He is big and bad ass enough to ride these brutes! He builds them from scratch, obviously....Here's a few more pics. of some other bikes he's done and doing.....He's started building bikes in the 60's. He had a photo of a twin V-8 bike he built in the 70's."

Big Block Chev.
has some sort of 2-speed automatic transmission.....

Small block chev. in this one.....59 caddy tail lights

wouldn't want to slip off the seat..............

This had a chev. 383 stroker motor.....building for a client......

Work in progress......

no front brake....probably wouldn't matter......

Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport

Beautiful Rolling Sculpture from Italy. From the recent Riding Into History Show. For more on this model please check it out HERE.