Yet Another Stunning BMW Aircooled Cafe Racer.

I swear I don'y go out looking for these things but I keem stumbling across some really nice examples. this may be the nicest one yet. I'll give it a rest on these for a while after this one. Promise.

Stunning Bultaco Flattracker Restoration

1983 XR600L

Really great example of this classic Enduro.

Is it possible? An ugly Ducati?

Well.... sort of. See the post over at Sideburn Blog


Lady Rides A Lot recently posted about a twister photo that was Photo Shopped, or something. Anyway it was not an original. I said it was cool anyway. I do love twisters. At least I'm fascinated by them. Here is a link to her post. ... Peek A Boo!

I did take some photos this winter that I have not touched, or altered in any way. They are genuine. They are of a cloud formation in the middle of winter, temps below freezing, and look just like a twister. The photos were taken from my neck of the woods.

Here are my pictures....

BMW Aircooled Boxer Cafe Racers from Rididng Into History.

This was a VERY impressive lineup of custom BMW Cafe Racers.

Beveltech Ducati Cafe.

I'm pretty sure I've posted this one before but I saw it again over on the Cafe Racer thread at Adventure Rider and had to bring it back. For my money, if I've EVER seen perfection on 2 wheels this is it.

Radical...Twin engine Kawasaki KZ1000.

DAMM! Because sometimes one engine just isn't enough...! :~p