Passin out the candy

I live in a newer construction residential development, thus where with out exaggerating, the kids will get bussed in. They can clean me out of a bag of 300 treats in a matter of an hour and a half. There will be a constant streaming line with little to no breaks, until the little kids are gone. Except for the little kids which we buy good treats for, we buy cheap small stuff for the bigger kids.

I'll be handing out candy till the rotten teenagers that are way too old to trick or treat are still knocking at the door. Eventually, I'll have had enough and I'll turn off the lights.

I may be a prick, but I made my kids stop trick or treating for this exact same reason when they turned thirteen.

I get annoyed when a sixteen year old knocks at my door at 10:30, no costume, no bag, and asks for a free handout. That Ain't what this was supposed to be about was it?

Do you want to know how I really feel? LOL! Just kidding. I LOVE the little ones in their costumes. It's just the big ones causing the problem here.

I'm all about Haloween. I do love it.

Honda CR750. The real deal.

I've come a long way

I was rummaging through some photos, and saw a picture of a motorcycle tank and fenders that I painted when I was at Tech school for auto body, and paint way back in 1991.

I did my very first Harley Davidson custom paint job for a guy who was going through the heavy equipment mechanics class next door to the Auto Body Shop class. He had a 1200 Sportster that he got a new tank for, and wanted a color change on tank and fenders to match "with a twist" of something not completely stock looking. This is what I gave him for I think about $300.00, which included materials.

Most of you who follow my blog regularly have already seen pictures of my bike, but for those who have not, for comparison sake, I posted a couple of pics of my most recent custom paint job which is on my bike. What a difference 17 1/2 years can make. I think if I would have stuck with this professionally I'd be better, but I would hate it, or at least my love for doing a custom paint job would be reduced to "it's a job". At least it's a decent paying hobby this way. I got no complaints.

2 wheel drive ROKON!

Stupid me. I didn't realize that these guys are still in busineess. COOL! If you feel the need for a REAL go anywhere motorcycle, check them out here!

Son's of Anarchy Episode 9 review

I have a few questions; things I was thinking about....

Was Clays decision to Allie with the Myans a good choice?
What's going to happen when the revenge for the hit takes place?

What's gonna happen with this new relationship with Jax and Tara?
To what level will Gemma interfere (more than she already has)?

Will they find the body Jax dumped? Where did he dump it?

What's going to happen with Opie and his family?
Will he ultimately choose the club over his family?

Is Clay going to find out Opie didn't do the hit?
If so will he freak the F' out?

Things that make you go Hmmmmmmm.

Guess we'll have to keep watching to find out.


Cafe Racers... I love this shot.

Great group shot. I found this at the Cafe Racer Society blog. Hasn't had a post in a while but it's got some GREAT archives and pictures.

15,000 posts and counting!!

Again... I'm still amazed that my little hobby has generated this many views. Thanks everyone for checking in and please keep those Reader Rides coming in!!

emmissions, global warming, and our carbon foot print as bikers

I am a believer in global warming. I used to not be one until recently watching a show on it. I went on the theory that I live in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes. It did not become the land of 10,000 lakes for no reason. It is from being carved out from glaciers, and the pooling up of water was originally, and some still is glacial. They have been tracking "global warming" since the beginning of the ice age melting. Look at Glacier National Park in Montana. They have been measuring the shrinkage of glaciers for I think decades.

Anyway the fact is global warming HAS been going on for a very long time, BUT it is extremely accelerated now with our usage of fossil fuels, and believe it or not "COWS"! We'll get to the cows in a minute.

Have you ever heard the term "carbon footprint"? Global warming is not caused from the heat from our emissions, but rather from the carbon dioxide left behind after we burn it. When we burn fossil fuels, the emission that is left behind is carbon dioxide. The build up of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere only allows "some, not all" of the heat coming in to the atmosphere to leave, thus causing a gradual buildup of heat. I'm not going to go into all the details of what can and will happen if we continue on the path we are already on. That is another lesson. Google it for more info. (If you don't already know the consequences, I SERIOUSLY HOPE YOU DO GOOGLE IT.)

O.K. back to the cows.
The emissions, or the carbon dioxide that comes out of cows rear ends is approximately three times the carbon dioxide created by the entire worlds burning of fossil fuels!

That's right you read it correctly. Just by requiring farmers to change the cows diets to make them less gassy, we could hugely reduce our carbon footprint. I heard on the special I watched that garlic introduced
into their diet would help greatly. We can also help by reducing the amount of beef we consume, thus lowering the demand for so much cattle raising.

I often think about global warming. I wonder what will happen when and if we ever convert all of our fossil fuel burning engines into something different. Will motorcycles follow? What will they sound like. There is a mystique to the rubble of a V-twin engine under you. I would certainly miss this. Will it happen in my lifetime? Will I have to resort to putting playing cards in my spokes with a clothespin like I did as a child?

Sweet Old School Reader Ride! KZ750 Cafe!


(mostly) 1980 Kawasaki KZ750-H1 "LTD".

Long story short, I traded a $50 Peavey guitar amplifier for this bike, then had to dig the bike out of a sand dune in a junk yard in Amarillo, TX. I moved it around with me for a few years while I was in music school before I had the time to get into it. I replaced bearings and rebuilt brakes and carbs, found a seat for it and bought some tires, got it on the road and went around for several years like that, and didn't even have to get into the engine!

Fast forward to April 2008. I decided to freshen up the top end, replace some leaky gaskets and such. I found that the forward cam chain guide was broken in two, and apparently had been for some time. The engine never complained!

One thing led to another and I ended up taking it down to the frame and redoing a whole lot of stuff. Now the only things original are the wheels, frame, and the top end of the engine! The bottom end is from a 1982 LTD750, tank and fork is from '82 GPz750s, the seat is an Airtech Streamlining fiberglass piece for a Yamaha TZ250-U.

The Hodaka Super Rat!

For lots more info on the bikes with the coolest names in the business chek out these folks. StrictlyHodka!


I saw this at Bikes in the Fast Lane. Great YouTube commercial for Saturn!

Ducati Supersport Desmo 750. Just plain WOW!

In honor of Nicky Hayden's last ride on a Honda.

American MotoGP star NickyHayden is now at the end of his run with Honda. It's been a good run with a MotoGP championship and an AMA championship but it's clear that Honda is enamoured with the smaller riders from the 250 ranks and are not going to build him a bike that fits his slip sliding style. So now he's off to Ducati for some italian/american action and a partnership with another former champ Casey Stoner. I hope he has great success and sticks it to Honda (and former teamate Pedrosa) next year. Go NICKY!

A Ducati Dirtbike by Terra Mostro.

This looks so good that it's hard to believe that Ducati just doesn't go ahead and build their own.

More on the company that does build it here... Terra Mostro

Honda CB1100F

CB750 Drag Bikes. Some really trick old school stuff.

A couple of MV Augusta at Half Moon Bay.

These are part of Yoshi's collection. He's got an excellent website called Head over there and check out his beautiful collection and bikes for sale. Too rich for my blood but they're sure nice to look at.

Son's of Anarchy Episode 8 review

This show keeps rolling along, and packing in the punches.

I love what the prospect did to attempt to earn his top rocker. Way funny. At least it came in handy later on in the show.

Hey did you hear Able got out of the "toaster"!

Jax & Tartar sittin in a tree. What they did was really F'n creepy.
It's like... "sleeping with the enemy" (in the room).
It's like necrophilia, "sleeping with the dead guy" (in the room).

Can you say freaking twisted?
All I could think was "Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

On a lighter note: I can't get that theme song out of my head. I can't wait for it's release.

Below is some information on the theme song, posted from the SOA website.

The Sound
By soaproduction at 2:45 pm

The Sound:

Music for the show plays a crucial part in depicting the world of Samcro as well as the simplicity of life in a town like Charming. It must reflect both the authentic rebelliousness and freedom of the club lifestyle but also have playful Americana undertones.

The man responsible for capturing this is acclaimed producer/songwriter/musician Bob Thiele Jr., whose major task as theme song composer and co-music supervisor is to make the music as authentic as possible. He does this by drawing from a specific musical palette, using a great deal of guitar and accordion, keeping it simple as anything too orchestral or overly computer generated becomes distracting and can hinder instead of adding to the characters and their stories. This very notion is best captured in the show’s theme song “This Life.”

For the song, Bob teamed up with guitarist/songwriter/and all around badass Dave Kushner of the band Velvet Revolver, as well as famed musician Curtis Stigers (who sings it.) The three are in works to lay down a full recording of the song to be available soon. Further details to follow…

In many ways SOA is a contemporary western, a cowboy story complete with all the thrills and pangs that comes with it. Our cowboy, Jax, is isolated in his conflict over the club and his family. Thematically, it’s important to capture Jax’s confusion with a classic lonesome cowboy edge, but also show the tradition and excitement of the world…

Ride into this world

All alone

God takes your soul

You’re on your own.

The crow flies straight

A perfect line

On the devil’s back

Until you die.

Gotta look this life in the eye.

The combination of these elements truly reflects our characters lives: The good, the bad and the crow.

Information on the sound from the SOA website.

Ural Sidecar Rig

These must be a blast on the right kind of ride. Reasonably priced too for what you get... hmmm... Another thing to think about "down the road".

An end to a good thing.......

I received an e-mail stating that MBI A.K. A. Motorcycle Bloggers International is to no longer be.

Knowing this, I am sad to say there is an end, and see the end of a good thing.
It appears the failure was mainly due to lack of funding and participation.

MBI was initially started to become an industry award, but even that caused more problems last year than what it was worth. Since MBI costs money to run and maintain, time & effort, it doesn't make sense to continue the lack of participation or funding.

So sad.

We can at least keep the spirit alive fellow motobloggers!

1967 Harley Davidson CRTT

Sorry for the delay. I was in conferences all day today. Here's a little Italian American Beauty for ya!! Mama Mia!!

Some really amazing pictures.

I can't just pick one so I'm posting the link. These are some really really great pictures...

Click Here

Edit.. OK here's just one...

Reader Ride! Triumph speedmaster!

I spent a very pleasant day riding one of these a few years back These are some seriously unappreciated cruisers. Reader Paul S. didn't think I'd want to post this beauty but I'd never pass up a chance to show off a nice Triumph. From the sound of things he may have a nice early V-max and an XS360 for us down the road. I look forward to seeing those rides! Keep em coming folks!

Original (unrestored) 1970 (I think) XS650.

My friends (Buddy Vitt) daily rider.

1984 FJ1100

One of these days I'm going to have to get my hands on one of these.

In honor of my Kawasaki KZ650!

In honor of the KZ 650 that I'm going to pick up after work today I'm posting this pic of what I hope mine will look like when I'm done with it.

Son's of Anarchy Episode 7 review

Where does all my time go. I posted 6's review, then another regular post, and here we are at review #7 already. I guess I was really busy last week.

Well let's get to it....

I guess the Wackadoo A.T.F. agent Coehen got his Huh?
I love how the FBI agent wasn't able to pin anything on Jax.
Justice (vigilante justice) was served on a silver platter, or wait was that through a plate glass window?

I have a new liking for the prospect, and a new respect for his character. That scrawny little dude can kick some ass in the boxing ring. Funny how the fight ended after the prospect got a little angry seeing Clay and his girl. I loved it when clay thumped his own forehead like duh, I coulda had a V8, then he says "My Bad".

"The rest stays buried."
I wonder what the rest is?

Another Beautiful CBX Custom Streetfighter.

This is one bold bike.

WOW! 13 thousand hits!

I never thought this little hobby would ever get noticed beyond a few friends who check in once in a while! Thanks to everyone for stopping by and I hope you're enjoying it. Like I said a while back, I realize that if you're going to call yourself the "whatever - of the day" that you have a certain responsability to that. I've enjoyed it and I'll work hard to keep that up.

In the mean time don't be shy about sending in your reader rides! I KNOW there are lots of beautiful bikes hiding in shops and garages out there. Show them off!

Reader Ride! Bmw R80 RT

Scott Sends in his R80 distance eater. One of these days I'm going live that dream and get my hands on one of these and ride the wheels off of it.

MV Augusta 750

last week, float building, painting, fishing, and riding

This past week was a busy one for me. I took a weeks vacation just to have some me time, and burn some vacation hours before I lost them. I wanted the time off while still warm enough to ride.

I typically do this once a year. 'Bout the same time each year.
I usually end up working on some kind of project such as landscaping around the yard, painting a room inside the house, remodeling, doing a custom paint job or such. All are things which I rarely find time to do unless I do take vacation time to make them happen.

This time was really no different and left me very little time to ride my motorcycle as I had wished. Oh well, such is life.

I worked on painting a parade float for the figure skating club which my kids belong to. A few men on the figure skating clubs board and I built it the weekend prior to my vacation. With my painting skills, I allowed myself to get sucked into painting the float. (Did you know it takes up an entire week painting and custom painting graphics and lettering on O.S.B. chip board?" (neither did I). Lesson learned. Note to self...Remember this is ever asked to paint another float. I'll post pictures of the float when it is re-assembled.

While spending almost the entire week in my garage working on said float, I did manage to get out here and there for breaks. I took a few photos of the fall colors turning.

I might have gotten out Friday afternoon for about an hour and a half on my birthday to wet a line.
On the way, I was in such a hurry to finally hit the lake and fish, that I got pulled over for speeding. The very nice officer gave me a warning for my birthday! (Thanks officer!)

Saturday was a beautiful day. I hooked up with one of my best friends, and went for a ride on the "Frost Your Nuts Run". Great turn out, great weather. It did rain that day, but only upon returning homeward, two miles away from my house. Just enough to get the bike dirty before pulling it into the garage for the day.

So the lack of being there in the blog world last week is due to my being busy doing the things I do when not blogging, or working. Hope your week was good.