"EASY RIDER San Remo, Italy, Jun 17 After dining with friends, Keanu Reeves dodges overeager fans on his motorcycle"

Photo taken from July 7, 2008 People magazine.
My post title quote came directly from their photo.

I first of all must say, I did not even know Keanu was a biker.

Secondly, I think he looks like a total F'n dork in the suit with helmet and bike. Maybe that's why it looks like some of the girls in the back ground are laughing at him.
I know, I know, giddy with exitement. (BARF).

Thirdly.... Don't get me wrong here. I own a Sportster, and love Sportsters, but for a star of his calibur, a "stock" Sporty???? WTF???

I saw this and thought it was interesting.
Just food for thought.

Your speed...

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Thanks to those of you participated in my scientific study from the "How Fast Did You Say?" post on thursday July 24th!


Nice old schools GSXR

Star Wars...... Weekend review

Star Wars stole the day.

There are Trekies, and there are Star Wars nuts.

My son is a Star wars nut. He has Star Wars collectibles, and ALL of the movies. He's got multiple sets, special editions and so on. Although I don't really get it, I did enjoy the movies, and I can appreciate them.
When my son found out that the Science Museum here was having a Star Wars exhibit, he was dying to go. So, Mrs. M. and myself got tix to go and brought the young ens with.

We started out with an Omni theatre movie about movie magic, and technology, primarily based on star Wars, but not exclusively. Got to see ton's of stuff blow up. That was cool. The movie screen is Ginormous, and round so you feel like you are watching everything around you literally.
Kinda can make you motion sick if you aren't careful.
Then we went onto the exhibit portion where they had actual characters, costumes, and real props used in the Star Wars movies.

All in all, we had a great time. I especially like spending time with my family doing stuff like this, even if I'm not the Star Wars freak that my son is. I know it made his Universe, at least for one day anyway.

Here is a mix of photos that I took of things I thought were cool. I didn't want to post them all, as I took a ton of them, and barely caught everything they had.

Excuse some of the quality. I had to shoot through glass.


2009 Triumph Speed Triple.

Going to bump it up to a 3 cylinder theme for a few days. Here's on of my favorite bikes on the planet.


More V-twin sportbike action

Suzuki TL1000S

Think we'll go with a modern V-twin sportbike theme for a bit.

how fast did you say?

I need you to tell me how fast is the fastest you have ever driven a motorcycle.

Be honest. No exaggerations.

I'm going to use this in a future post with your permissions of course.
I have my reasons.

Me, 110 MPH (Aprox.) but I'll say 110. I was not clocking myself. Someone else said I was doing that.
To Mrs. Motorcycle. Disclaimer...If you are reading this, It was a very long time ago, and I NEVER ride like this anymore!

Biker Bracelet

I found this men's biker bracelet in a magazine the other day while getting an oil change. Thought I'd share it. Although, I'm not much of a jewelry wearer myself, I think it's kind of cool.


Honda RC51

I've always lusted after one of these.

Ducati Single Racer

What not to wear

Posting this may be controversial, but I gotta speak my mind about my opinions and views.

I hope I don't offend anyone. And if I do offend you, I'm sorry. We all have choices. What you choose, and how you choose to do it is your own deal. I've made my choice. I choose Harley Davidson. Ever since I actually started riding motorcycles, I always wanted a Harley. I know that not everyone does, so bear with me here. But for me anyway, Harley Davidson has always had the look for what bikers ride and look like. I'm not saying that other bikers who don't ride Harley's are not bikers. I'ts like Art. Everyone sees a painting differently, and interprets it differently. I'm just talking about my personal view. Example...When I saw a crotch rocket for the first time as a kid, it was in a race. These to me were racing bikes. To me they didn't fit the image in my minds eye as what I thought bikers looked like. They looked like motorcycle "racers". The term "biker" can mean whatever "you" want it to mean. Again, just what "I" thought.

So when I started riding motorcycles, I obviously couldn't afford a a Harley at 19 years old. I bought a Honda Rebel 250 to learn on. It was cheap, and I thought it kind of resembled the Harleys I loved and admired, and hoped to someday own. I remember when a friend called me and said I saw you riding a Harley the other day, is it yours? I had to tell him it was just a Rebel 250. He was fooled from a distance.

I moved onto other look alikes and always tried to make them look as much like a Harley and sound like one as possible for hopes that at 20 to30 yards away, going down the road, someone would think it was one. This seems to be a pretty big trend in the metric cruiser industry, to make there bikes look and sound as much like Harley Davidson as possible. There are exceptions I know. Riding a "looks like a Harley from a distance" bike worked all fine and dandy for me untill I'd pull up to a stop light, and have a Harley pull up next to me. Then I was brutally reminded how much this was not one, and longed for a Harley even more. I know from speaking to just about everyone I know who owns a Harley, that They have all gone through this phase in the beginning as well.

Remembering the days of when I wanted a Harley, and couldn't afford one is good. It is humbling. It makes me proud to be on the Harley when I ride. It took me a lot to get here.

Back to the days of wanting and not owning. I did own a Harley T-shirt or ten. And yes, being really young, I got asked do you own a Harley? Hell people still ask that today. I had to say "No, but I love them, and want one so bad I can taste it." However, I always made sure not to wear the Harley T-shirt while riding my Honda, because I thought it wa s a FASHION DON'T., and I still feel that way today.
This brings me to my post title: What not to wear..... while riding a motorcycle.
I took a picture of a young biker fellow who has not learned that message.

While riding on a ...Honda Motorcycle....Do not wear...
West Coast Choppers T-shirt with Harley Davidson Boots.
I'ts one thing to wear a black non discreet Harley jacket while riding on a Honda, because you like the jacket, and it's anther thing to wear an obvious product statement such as this West Coast Choppers T-shirt on a competitors brand of bike. Just looks silly to me, don't it?

Biker Joke ....... What's in a name?

A woman scanned the guests at a party and spotted an attractive man standing alone.

She approached him and introduced herself as Carmen.

“That's a beautiful name,” he replied. “Is it a family name?”

“No,” she replied. “I gave it to myself. It reflects the things in life I like most - cars and men.”

“What's your name?” she asked.

He said, “Harley Titsenbeer”. “Nice to meet you”.

Rossi. What a freaking PASS!!


Oops... looks like I jinxed Stoner! LOL Rossi wins Laguna Seca in a hard fought battle over Stoner. What a race!

Casey Stoner on his Ducati!

In honor of today's Moto Gp Race at Laguna Seca. Todays heavy favorite.

Honda CB350 Cafe Racer

Click photo to enlarge. Really beautiful attention to detail on this one.

A modern version of a Triumph Hurricane

Based on a T3 engine. Sweet.

Grab it Pack product review

On Friday, May 9th, 2008, I posted about the Grab-it Pack™. Here is a link to the original post. http://01mrmotorcycle.blogspot.com/search?q=GRABITPACK
I said "I'm seriously thinking about getting one."

Well I did get one.

So, Here is my product review on the Grab-it Pack™:

I've been using it for a while now, and I absolutely love it.

I use it just about everytime I ride. 99% of the time, It's strapped to me.

It's so comfortable. When I go out for a ride on my motorcycle with it on, I don't hardly even know it's there. Without using any saddle bags, jacket pockets, pants pockets, or other pockets but the Grab-it Pack™ , I'm able to carry Night riding glasses, my wallet, digital camera, cell phone, pocket knife, and room to spare.
It's lightweight, easy to adjust to fit, easy to put on and take off, durable and water resistant with lots of easy access pockets.
I do have basicly one issue with the Grab-it Pack™.

The pocket flaps are a little flimsy, and could maybe use some more velcro.

So I contacted the company. http://www.grabitpack.com/contact.htm .

I addressed this with them, and was informed that coming soon they will be selling a newer, more durable version that addresses exactly this issue. I look forward to seeing the new one because I'm 99.9% satisfied with the one I own now.

Just the other day a friend and myself went out riding. He wanted to try it. I wouldn't even borrow it to him just try on, because I feard he wouldn't give it back. I'll buy the new version when it comes out, and give him my old one. LOL!

Anyway, if your are into riding motorcycles, bicycles, hiking, fishing, etc., you can't go wrong with a Grab-it Pack™!