The Abingdon "King Dick"!!! Really!

Here's a link to Motorcycle Classics article. Cool bike indeed.

The Sears Allstate.

Really just a Puch Twingle Re-badged. Very interesting bikes though. Here's a link to a good explanation of how they worked... Twingle

One hell of a Yamaha Streettracker.

If I wasn't so into 2-strokes I'd definately be into these...

Modern XR Harley Roadracer

Jay Sprongsteen's Harley Racebike

Old Flathead Sportster...

I love these old relics... They're as much "industrial art" as they are motorcycle... imho...

They CAN have problems though...

BSA Victor!

I love these bikes! Must be Like riding a Jackhammer!


I confess that I don't know much about the bike except to say that it's very cool. Open valves and flat-bar frame. Damm.
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A Pair of Honda 400 Four Beauties

The prettiest Exaust pipes ever... IMHO.
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Jut your average Honda, Mike Hailwood Replica.