Sorry for all the lag. Family problems have gotten in the way of the bikes for a while. give it a while please...


Kawasaki Z1R TC

kHard to believe this was a factory built bike.

New Guzzi.

I posted a picture of the wrong Guzzi earlier although it wasn't a bad one at all really. This is what I intended to post.

Carbon Fiber Confederate.

A beautiful example of Carbon Fiber and billet.

Beautiful Cafe Guzzi

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Indian Chief!

Caught at Daytona Last Year.
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R1. 50'th Annaversary Edition.

If I had to own a modern Japanese sportbike. This one wouldn't suck.


1973 Kawasaki H2 triple.

An outstanding example of a classic "Widowmaker" Yes I know I already have a 2 stroke dedicated site but this fine example definitely deserves a shot at Motorcycle Picture of he Day honors.

Jay Springsteens modernized XR from Daytona last year.

A little Americana! I wish I had a sound file of this bike going by on the high banks. Simply awesome.

The Brough Superior.

The GSXR of it's day...

Ducati Supermoto.

We've been covering the history of sporting bikes. How about a bit of the future for a while...

Vincent Black Shadow.

As long as we're talking about legendary sporting motorcycles, you have to mention this one. From Riding into History in May of 06.

1985 GSXR 750

Probably the most successful sport bike ever built. They'll probably still be winning AMA races in 2107

An early CB750 Sandcast

Like I said we'll be covering the basics for a while and this certainly qualifies..


Always wanted one of these. Actually the only stock BMW I've ever really lusted for.

MV Augusta F4...

Link to more!

Ducati 916. Simply the best?

Covering the basics here but it's impossible to argue with this icon. IMHO the most beautiful "modern" sportbike to date. With a tip of the hat to the the MV Augusta F4...

One trick Norton Cafe..

A LOT of love went into all that beautiful alloy..

I realize that I'm on a British theme at the moment but I promise that it's just a phase..

Beautiful Classic Triumph...

Mr John Player Special!!



tNoting says modern Cafe Racer like the new Triumph Thruxtons. These and he scramblers have me thinking thought$ at the moment.

My old 1995 Triumph Speed Triple.

Falls under the bikes I wish I'd necer sold... Great Ride wit stunning good looks but heeeeeaaavy.... and handled like a pig. Still a fun ride tough.

Flawless Kawasaki Z1 Restoration

I'm mostly into classic 2 stroke bikes but I post pics of those over on another blog. This place is going to be for any other particular bike that strikes my fancy at the moment. No rules. New or old. Cruiser, sprotbike, dirtbike.... Doesn't matter.

Yamaha XS 650

Made to look like a classic Cafe Racer... Sweet!

TZ750 or TZ700. I'm not positive

Fist post test pic...